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Match Latam New Site

Match Latam New Site
- Equate Latam powered by Meetic.

- genial in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

- claims over 30 million registered populate.

- an midpoint of 10,000 new users *are registering every day*

- Forthright, Gold bars and Platinum members.

"Various Us

Install to Equate.

Nearby YOU'LL Concern Between 30 MILLION OF Lay claim to WHO ARE Determined TO Make a comeback THEIR Allies.

Equate began its operations in January 2000. As the days went by, we were happy to deem hundreds of e-mails, thanking us for loves, relationships, weddings, and clutch who were born! "


"Equate is the spot on leader for online dating and relationships in Brazil and Latin America. Exhibit ARE Over THAN 21 MILLION REGISTERED USERS AND AN Allowable OF 10,000 NEW USERS *ARE REGISTERING Several DAY*. Being do these people stock in common?"


"Cupid is a stylish data search and cross-tabulation system built-up to help add up to you closer to your gleam Equate.

The tool works in the shadowing way:

1 - The Thrill Integrity System ? identifies users that are 70% OR Over In accord Between YOU;

2 - The system next sends you an letters, informing the have a row of this search based on order of relevance;

3 - It informs you about live in persons pass to be 70% or further in accord with you who stock recently misrepresented their profile."


"5 - Do I stock to pay to use Match?

Equate is a relationship service with free registration. Forthright users stock the right to a array of benefits, including: perform advanced searches, write down a photo in the profile and assertion enormous contact with Platinum users via Place of duty and VideoChat.

To make the greatest of all the website tools, it is obligatory to become a Gold bars or Platinum advocate. For live in who are very deafening about sighting a resolved private of person with further handiness and speed, stage are the Gold bars and Platinum strategy, which are remunerated. As a Gold bars member: You will be able to talk via VideoChat with far away paying users, read and answer to ALL e-mails usual and pass on your romantic issues to Be+. Likewise, you will deem the benefits of the inevitable traveler support service via e-mail!

As a Platinum user: You will be able to talk via VideoChat with all users (Forthright, Gold bars AND PLATINUM) and all users will be able to read and answer to your e-mails unlimitedly. Appropriate bonus of this feature! "


The new site does not interleave any further Cupido Diario (Chemistry inside)

Set of scales to the old version:

"In the least news about Equate Argentina"


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