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Situational Leadership Styles

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Situational leadership is a good process to follow for transfer of skills and knowledge. This is especially true when leaders align their style with both the follower AND human brain functioning.

When following the Situational Leadership model, be sure to keep focus on the goal rather than solving a problem. Reaching goals is rewarding while problem solving is threat avoidance--more of an "I dodged that bullet" than "Hooray!"

Second, in each phase, leaders are more successful then they praise a great deal AND through thoughtful questioning lead the follower to discover the answer him or herself. Self-discovery releases feel good brain chemicals and a feeling of excitment. Good leaders recognize their follower's excitement, applaud it and encourage immediate use of the discovery, while the follower is still excited. This feel good response is the brain's way of rewarding insight. The trick with learning is to immediately use the insight to fix it in the brain.

Telling the follower what to do never produces the feel good brain response. The follower has no biochemical reason to learn a solutions. This phenomenon accounts for having to say things over and over. The brain has little reason to learn something that is provided by someone else.

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