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The Hollywood Romantic Love Myth

The Hollywood Romantic Love Myth
One of the biggest road blocks for most guys when it comes to establishing long term relationships, is the misconception that relationships happen overnight. Hollywood has berated us since we were young with "romantic love", that guy and girl experience love at first site and everyone lives happily ever after. In the end, this Hollywood "love" myth has messed up many guys' minds. We're out looking for "true love" and instant relationship, but the fact is the quicker a relationship starts the sooner it ends.It's psychological - the longer a relationship takes to develop, the larger the subconcious investment that is made by both parties. As an analogy, look at the relationship process as something similar to weaving a thick rope out of string.

Let's say you impress a girl and she gives you her phone number: You've just laid the first string. You call her, and she's receptive to your call: You've just coiled a second string around the first string. A week goes by, and you're having friendly conversations on the phone: More strings are being coiled. You go on your first date and all goes well: More strings have been coiled. She introduces you to her parents: More strings. By now you should see the pattern going on - the longer the dating/relationship process continues, the more strings that are being added to this emerging "rope". Relationships tend to end before they start, which should be shining bright and clear for you right about now. They end before they start because there are no "strings" creating the psychological element known as "attachement". What's interesting is that if you keep this on your mind WHENEVER around women, you can then make it a point to act and behave in relation, making it a goal to be constantly establishing "strings" with all of them. This comes with it's pros and cons: A pro would be that you might find yourself eventually dating quite a few women simultaneously.

A con would be that you get so used used to establishing strings with numerous women, that you become a womanizer of sorts, because that's all you know. Womanizer's are what they are by habit. Womanizer (n): a man who likes many women and has short sexual relationships with them Strings of Attachement: It's all about the "Little Things" Ultimate success with women comes down to this: You can't attach to them - you have to let them attach to you. How do you do this? It's all about your demeanor and presentation. How you package yourself (the clothing you choose to wear), how you carry yourself (your attitude and posture), and what you choose to say or not say. Not all women attach to the same qualities in men, but most women attach to the qualities exerted by a Mr. Right. Here's some common qualities for creating strings of attachement: * Acting confident in her presence * Maintaining a positive attitude in the wake of negativity * An attitude of success - If you're not already a success, carrying yourself as if you know you one day will be(ambition) * Acting upbeat and lighthearted with other people around her. (This is a prime example of how to attract a woman without doing or saying anything to her.

In fact, a powerful method is to exert the qualities above with individuals around the woman in your sights, at the same not paying much attention to the woman. By not paying much attention to her, you take her presence for granted, becoming an instant "challenge". And the more beautiful a woman is, the more powerful is this effect. So, be confident and have fun with the people around the woman you're attracted to, at the same time not seeming to pay much attention to the woman. Be patient, knowing that all the while you're establishing subconscious strings of attachement with her... and days, weeks, or even months down the road, when you finally do position yourself in a way to start "getting to know" her better, she'll be excited for the opportunity.) With the woman in the paragraph above, you've been weaving strings of attachement left and right for days, weeks, maybe even months, and this is why she's "excited" to finally go out with you. Simply put: She thinks she's in love.

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