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Nickname: Tonyhaskins

Sex: Man

Age: 52 y.o.

From: westville, Illinois, Associate States 61883

Outstanding about me: love nature, classic command, and simple equipment
5'11' and disk-shaped 200-205 lbs, long brown hair, with touches of salt-and-pepper, pelt about fount salt-and-pepper.having the status of I grow one that is electrician at Heartland properties
gas a microscopic weed

I believe 1 daughter 27, I raised individually as a single parent and 3 beautiful daunting brood, 6,7,8

my goal just about,love, trust, dedication, virtue... to find my soulmate I'm looking for a woman who stimulates my mind, sagacity is sexy, and a attractive in a woman, at smallest to me and of agenda put on has to be a physical attraction, which I am in no doubt is true for moreover hang-up

the new ambitious question...I want to continue, believe a good life in a straight line, but I'm not very avaricious, simple describes me best I assume I think jobs..lowest...they are just stuff..they come and go
I don't fondness them like common do
I think basically, family, love, they continually come first
I recognize right and misconduct and relationships prior stuff
as it requirement be..IMO

I've had my off the wall, theater filled verve, and am timely they are over now just want love and smugness.

non-religious remove especially laterally these lines

Lakota Short-lived for Animate

Companion do it this way - that is,
at all you do in life,
do the very best you can
with moreover your atmosphere and mind.

And if you do it that way,
the Domination Of The Deep space
will come to your aid,
if your atmosphere and mind are in Settlement.

Being one sits in the Seem Of The People,
one prerequisite be fully developed while
All of Creation is connected.
And the bother of one is the bother of all.
And the decorum of one is the decorum of all.
And at all we do possessions no matter which in the freedom.

If you do it that way - that is,
if you absolutely join your atmosphere and mind
as One - at all you ask for,
that's the Way It's Going To Be.

approved down from Frozen Buffalo Calf Woman

leftovers and chord, as a quickness we believe gotten far not on from it, and I feel thats why the world is such a bungle

I'm looking for my leftovers and my Agreement
the fair-haired for my gray
the ying for my yang
my homogeneous conflicting
my soul mate

bated breath I find you,who ever you are,
life is to instruct to odds and ends a flash of it

bated breath that covers it

I look for a woman


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