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Racial Socialism An Organic Synonymy

Racial Socialism An Organic Synonymy

[PART 1]


Comrades, the purpose of this article is to place a small stone for the foundations of our "own" socialism. We must note that for us Nationalism or Racialism (because for us Nation = Race) gives birth to Socialism and the opposite. This connection between Nationalism and Socialism is the only true ideology that goes against globalist Capitalism, because "national" Capitalism can't exist. The same applies for internationalist multicultural/multiracial Socialism, despite the unnatural visions of the Left. Thus, Social Nationalism is Racial Socialism.

Being aware of certain biological, historical and financial facts, we must, using honest dialectic, construct the meaning of Racial Socialism. I believe we all understand the importance of the economic and social system for the future of the Race. If we are not ideologically self-aware we will not be able to have decent economical reasoning. We can say that we are not the "middle ground" between Communism and Capitalism, we aren't even the "Third Way", we are the ONLY way for the survival and evolution of our Race. We aren't simple hybrids of the Left and the Right, we are a new species, a result of evolution!

1) RACE AND ECONOMY. First of all, lets clarify that even though Social Nationalism isn't a strictly financial theory, that doesn't make it any less capable of managing financial issues. Instead that makes it the ideal worldview, categorizing the economy as a result of human's biological activity. Also, the fact that on an international level we don't have an Adam Smith like the capitalists or a Marx like the communists is because we are not perverted enough to place financial laws above the natural and biological ones.

What we call economy today made its appearance throughout the ages and constantly changes form because it is an incomplete human creation, while the laws of mathematics and the sciences, as well as those that govern the philosophical schools of thought (logic with the broader meaning) exist outside human nature and intellect and define the human nature and intellect as much as the creativity of the humans (culture - economy).

Social Nationalism was the only ideology that attempted the obvious, to return the human being from this incomplete creation back to nature and to evolve him. We are the only ones that can create a anthropocentric and biocentric economy compatible with the nature of the humans and the ecosystems.

After placing the human being and the economy in their rightful places, lets see why Racialism gives birth to Socialism. Racialism is the worldview that sets the survival, the reproduction, the physical - ethical - spiritual evolution of the Race as its most valued goals. But what is the Race we love so much? It is the elementary sum of the biological choices through the process of evolution. I'll explain.

By biological choice we mean the process during which a group of members of one species is promoted through battle with different species, while the other group either has few descendants or disappears. Individuals die, so the biological choice defines only the genes that will survive and reproduce.

A great deal of evolutionary biologists believe that heroism and self-sacrifice of the People for their country, their Race, their loved ones, is possible due to the huge amount of mutual genes they share with them, so the sacrifice of an individual-carrier of those genes is a loss for the Race that is balanced by the benefit of the survival of more individuals-carriers. It's also a given fact that common tradition, language, customs are mostly a result of genetic factors that interacted with the environment in some degree. In other words, our mutual genes assisted each other for so many years and now place us emotionally and ethically with the side of our society.

2) WHY RACIALISM AND CAPITALISM ARE INCOMPATIBLE. Is this biological "socialism" of our Blood compatible with the Capitalist goals and structure of the economy? If not, then we have proven that Nationalism is equivalent to anticapitalism and synonymous to socialism. The answer is obvious.

Capitalism means glorification of profit, ignoring the needs of the community. How is maximum profit achieved in the quarterly accounting reports? With technological breakthroughs? Rarely, because technology is the result of the progress of human knowledge that has its own rhythm that doesn't match the speed of monthly profitability. This is why in capitalists countries (e.g. the U.S.A) research is mainly funded by the state. Profit is achieved with the hyperconsumption of the workers and reduction of their earnings (cost of labor) in every sector, with the exception of a minority of capitalists (real estate, banks, industry) that control the wealth.

Because hyperconsumerism is halted, at some point, due to low wages, loans were devised to temporarily fill the void until the citizen was unable to pay off and was reduced to a slave. The Jews use this tactic to both enslave Whites on an individual level and also to increase their profits on a national level (see the loans of EU towards Greece and the "newly discovered" oil and gold deposits that will be sold to them at a miserable price). Another way to achieve a low cost of labor is rampant and uncontrollable invasion of immigrants-slaves and the unstoppable production of workers with degrees in order to achieve the proletarianization of the scientists and after the denationalization of the workers and farmers through illegal immigration.

This reminds us the Greece of today, where a big percentage of Greeks are unemployed and the rest are working only to pay off their debts, barely surviving, living under the fear of unemployment and social isolation. The workers, the unemployed, and the future unemployed (e.g. students) want forget their poverty and misery, so the capitalist system gives them entertainment. An ocean of garbage invades the nations at a scary speed, mostly through the TV, but with other media as well, so that the slaves will forget their pain. After 10-12 hours of work almost no-one has the energy to read a book, do some research or to become self-aware about the complete and total domination of the Zionists in every sector or about the terrifying and unjust tactics of the immigrants. Slowly, our culture dies and is replaced by this junk. Our universities provide technical knowledge, which is training and not education, thus poses no danger for the system.

This is the Zionist recipe that was also applied to the USSR, and resulted to so many years of tyranny. Now, the situation is hardly any different, the truth is out there but our brothers and sisters have been programmed to avoid it, to fight it. But this is a different story and it will be analyzed some other time.

Lets see the damage Capitalism has caused on the Nationalist society.

* It threatens the survival of our Race because with poverty and unemployment we have dwindling birth rates in every racially European country, where parents wont have children if they know they won't be able to raise them properly, unlike the Africans and the Asians. Also a threat for the existence of vital space for the Race is immigration and race mixing caused and endorsed by the liberals.
* How can you talk about physical, spiritual and ethical evolution when all the public sport areas have been occupied by foreigners, when the teenager faces a threat for his life just by passing by? Public libraries are few and far between, education is non-existent and instead we get training, that's what the consumers need. No wonder our National identity is dying day by day. There is almost no time for self-education, the System requires his to use that time to work for an individual's or a corporation's gain. Finally the ethics of Capitalism is light years away from the Nationalist ethics, because the only thing "ethical" it promotes is treason, ass kissing, bribery, prostitution, and other "virtues"!
* An insidious and deceptive argument is that in every system, a small part of humans will fulfill certain requirements, bringing glory to his nation and the physical and spiritual values the nation endorses. This is true but in Capitalism the members of the Race don't have an equal opportunity. Wealth can be inherited in the Capitalist system! So the finest people the Nation has to offer are often condemned to remain with the enslaved masses, rarely breaking free. The rich destroy any attempt of those people to rise up. A fine example is George Soros, funding the enemies of Nationalism all over the world.

Those are few of the destructive consequences of capitalism in the racial community. Even the State itself is undermined by capitalism, because the most elementary tool in macroeconomics, the right and equipment to print money does not belong to the State, but it's given to bankers/loan sharks that give loans with criminal rates to the state and then blackmail it with their antisocial terms of surrender.

So, the racial community leads to the construction of a social race with a socialist spirit, where every employee, whether his is a worker of the body, or a worker of the soul, or a freelancer, or a merchant, or a businessman will take part in the sacrifices for the good of the community. There are only soldiers in the phalanx we call Nation and whomever doesn't want to serve it, won't belong in it. Humans come and go, the society remains and evolves through time.

3) WHY MULTIRACIAL MARXIST SOCIALISM IS AN IMPOSSIBILITY. Now lets ask the opposite question. Is there such thing as multiracial socialism? If not, then socialism is only racialist, so the anarchists and the communists are either lying or deluding themselves with Marxist mental traps.

Socialism, above all, demands the existence of a society, and not just a group of people. Science has proven that man has genes that together with the environment coordinate his attitude, and when we say environment we mean both cultural and natural. Humans are designed to create strong cultural links, to create social or sexual relationships with people that have great genetic similarity, with members of their Race. After all, our culture is a product of our genes, and not the opposite, because humans can create civilizations while cultural characteristics are not inherited. The reason nature does this is not completely known but humans choose to socialize with their own kin. It's clear, not only from a biological, but from a historical viewpoint as well, that a society demands the existence of a common heritage that guarantees cultural and spiritual bonds among the members of the community. THERE ARE NO MULTIRACIAL COMMUNITIES, ONLY MULTIRACIAL GROUPS OF INDIVIDUALS!

This is why once communism collapsed the former soviet states broke down to national states, the same will happen in the present multiracial Capitalist states. In some cases this happened peacefully, like Czechoslovakia, but in places where communist paranoia had mixed populations there was war, like Yugoslavia, despite the similarity between the European races! Imagine what will happen in a Capitalist Europe that is filled with Asians and Africans...

We have established that there are no multiracial societies, so therefore there can be no multiracial socialism. What does the pathetic Marxist propaganda that have a monopoly on socialism left with? Something that I call class individualism, similar to capitalist individualism. For example, we, the "workers of the world", want to make a better living through our soviet state that "serves us". We create a union, an alliance of people with mutual interests, like the lobbies of the capitalists. Once a worker assumes a position of responsibility and power in the mechanism of the state's capitalism, he stops belonging in his previous class, he has no blood bonds with the diverse group of people below him, and he becomes their master. That way we go to a new class of commissars-capitalists! The communist wants to be served by the community on the bases of mutual interest only when it suits him, that why he abandons his community every other time, while the Social Nationalist always serves the community with a smile, because the children of the community will be brothers and sisters with his own children. A BLOOD BOND IS THE ONLY GUARANTEE FOR SOCIALISM.

Closing, I would like to thank you for reading and promoting this extensive article. I tried to analyze the Social Nationalist Theory from the scientific point of view that is more relevant to my interests, and combined with the philosophical analysis from my beloved Golden Dawn comrades, hopefully we will manage to create a concrete base for a Social Nationalist ideology that will liberate Europe.



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