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Larry King Filed For Divorce

Larry King Filed For Divorce
Larry King has filed for divorce from historical seventh wife, court filings show.Larry King is very old. But he likes getting divorced anyway, Which is just as well given That Either he's a terrible husband or he has terrible type in women. It was a surprising union from the start.

Larry King filed for divorce on Wednesday shortly before the historical seventh wife Also sought to end the Couple's Nearly 13-year-old marriage.The 76-year-old host of CNN's "Larry King Live" filed hours before Shawn King filed this Petition own.

King's Nightly News and interview show has Been a CNN mainstay for Nearly 25 Years. He has three children from previous relationships. It was a big moment When Larry King Shawn Southwick program in 1997 outside Tiffany's in NYC: She not only became historical seventh wife - she Would ask historical longest-loading.

He married Shawn Southwick-King in a hospital room in 1997 shortly before the surgery two clear a clogged blood vessel. A source says Larry bought expensive gifts for Shannon Enge Man - we're taking real expensive, like a 160,000 car and "tons of gifts from Cartier. "

The Couple's garden two Sons, ages 11 and 9 King is seeking joint custody of the boys. He is Also asking a court not award two Southwick-King, 50, Any spousal support. Still, Larry should not get too downhearted about historical latest divorce. I guess what two Those proponents it is worse if the same gender couples marry and stay together until "death do restriction Party!"


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