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Nlp Sold Secrets

Nlp Sold Secrets
Have you ever.... intimate relationship? Yes, lingerie!

Let me ask this: "How do you know?"

I know, stupid question, and what it has to do with sales? Well, nothing really. If you do not drive and shaker. So to understand the psychology of sales seductive. Or maybe I should say seductive PURCHASE! Yes, they were able to answer the question: "How do you know"

The answer is: "I feel it!" Do you know why you have a deep feeling is thatyou are so safe, just buy! They just know. I can not say what that "something" is, but if you ask the right questions, eventually youll get a response like, "Its just instinct," or "I just know." Or, "I felt that it was the right decision." These are the real keys to the marketing people. In this way, people are buying. And the assumption that if youre intelligent people, I know that the product, how close you are far wrong - leaving piles of money onTable as they say. Do not get me wrong, you need to know all these things as well, but if you got this in the toolbar, youll never be able to create a shopping environment for customers. Lets take a deeper look into some of the key factors as people buy products and services. I promise that if they include some of these skills to the toolbar, you can build a good environment for customers to feel good about me, that decisionsand make their purchasing strategies.

Speed of business today is growing at a rapid pace. Companies are looking to increase the efficiency of communication in order to maintain competitive advantage. Over the past 30 years, a new model of communication and enhance excellence in the field of human behavior, science component that increases what we think and understand how we can communicate with people. Great sales people know this, because they are flexiblechange the style of presentation, in order to meet the needs of its customers, which will have an impact. Once the ability to influence anyone, anywhere, anytime, and the companys revenue will rise to the stars.

effective communication skills are paramount, we can learn in life. But most have never learned to be a good communicator correctly. Most will be theory, but no real answers. Many years of experience and practice is the only way tomaster these skills, or is it something youre born with. The same goes with the sale, if you do not learn a good communicator, the sale will not be better.

Most courses are taught to remember the script and close the sale to believe the words you say are the main source of our communication. However, according to 1970 studies at the University of Pennsylvania, 93% of our communication is nonverbal level. Learning physical skills and powerful non-verbalallows you to change how others perceive what you say, and everyone at any time with the flu, because it is the answer we get back from the client, our intention is not given. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed model for change and success - how people do what they do to succeed. Once fully and effectively understand how customers buy, they are sold and how their impact by understanding that 90% of the unconscious mind, which is responsible for alldecision-making, will influence others to your point of view, of course, which means that closing the sale.

NLP offers some of the most powerful communication tools available on the market in todays sales TRAINING. Simple, but effective, the toll of awareness, competence, and perceptions of the technology, the hidden power of influence;. GNP PER head of the instruments of human development the most powerful and personal communication technologies have changedavailable. I "Basics" for "our brain works. Individuals and organizations around the world using NLP to improve their personal and professional life. NLP IS A new field, providing a wide scope both step by step methods in developing your ability to achieve a very effective level of communication and understanding of himself and others.

Cute story -

Johnny Carson was the # 1 Girl Scout commits to his speeches late at nightshow. He asked for the secret of his success. She said: "I just went home and asked about everything I could get a grant of 30,000 for a girl scout" When I said no, I would ask.? "Do you want to buy at least a box of Girl Scout cookies?" He learned how to frame the contrast to eight years.

The real key to the impact of Champions the following skills;

1. The intent of desire!


Attitude is everything!

Positive self-image: the foundation of success insale

2. Commitment to the goal!

Commitment to achieve success.

Amenhotep III came to mind: "You are your own worst obstacle Get on your way.."

3. Compared with their maps

Zl first, in their world.

Beliefs, values, attitudes and lifestyles

Defend your beliefs

4. Prepare your mind!

What are your values?

Constantly learning

Perfect practice makes perfect.

5. Relationships are everything!




6. The sale is useless!

selling used cars.

Exploration: to determine who can and wants to buy

Two types of customers...

7. Only people buy!

The purchase is unconscious

People buy FEELINGS

Why / how people buy -

8. Building trust and relationships!

What is Rapport?

communication model

Mirror and Match

9. Asking the right questions!

What is important for you / "How do you knowAfter "If I can give you "Make yourself at home!

10. Closing the Sale!



BUY pace of the future.

When you actually learn these simple techniques. Its ability to help people buy a product or service will rise to a new level, as never before imagined.

Have you ever done a great job of addressing their perspective, it appears that eventually bought by someone else? In the end,really wasted a lot of precious time. Or, said a potential customer exactly what they needed and tried to sell them on something other than what he knows what he wants. Forget for a moment, the ability to overcome objections and closing of their favorite five sentences. People are more inclined to buy if you first know how it happened in the past purchasing decisions. Heres a typical scenario;

Carol, I have a very successful real estate agent in southern California had thought SLAMDunk sale. John said his perspective, he realized that as a freelancer, that needs a home / office, which was greater than the current experience to make their activities more than his house. Carol certain level of average monthly income of John, the house can afford, and then showed him a few homes that fit their financial needs. He obtained permission from John that it was something I could afford, and then closed the sale. Carol made an effective job in sales, right? Wrong! Johnpostponed for a week and then bought by a competitor, Carol. Sound familiar? Why? Carol Why did not specify the psychological strategy of buying John.

Have you ever thought to ask how your prospect decides to buy? How do I make an appointment in a telephone conversation can be quickly decide how to meet you, or decide to buy your product?

When you learn to ask the right questions, you can ask them exactly how to buy from you! Yes, we all havevery specific procurement strategy, and when you understand how customers buy products and services such as yours, you have the key to unlock the door for more sales. If you do not know in advance what your potential customers will buy or what to make strategic decisions, never even came close to closing price of 100 percent. However, if you learn to ask the right questions, your chances will notify you in advance how they will buy from you!


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