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Pua Nov 4

Pua Nov 4
1 white chick grade 9..

2 asian chick oin subway had a bf (2 set)

3 told brown girl in liene shes cute

4 chatted up bong girl..


1 cute brown girl on the subway. Sher basically went to sleep after a quick look at me before I could ask her out

2 some brown chick was walking behind me she seemed brown I think

Lessons learned:

-hesitation and lack of approach are still my problems

- sometimes there is a small window of opportunity to approach a girl and it closes, case and point the girl who was on the subway cute brown girl who looked at me and then went to sleep. Though technically I couldve been aggressive and still tried even though she was trying to sleep

- also a lesson learned is that apparently a guy can just ask a girl out even if he doesnt know her. Which the girl at the bong shop told me thats how she met her boyfriend.

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