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Have A Relaxing Weekend

Have A Relaxing Weekend
My lovelies, what are you up to this weekend? Alex and my second celebratory silver jubilee is coming up, so I'm dizzy to spread around that support week's posts will be all about relationships--first dates, breakups, proposals, weddings and all things smoochy. (Exactly inconvenience it potency be fun!) Meanwhile, carry a great weekend, and inwards are a few great posts from on the subject of the web...

Affection this quote.

Discriminating (not-too-expensive) boots for the fall.

Jenna Lyons is a rush.

These family panoramas are amazing! (Inlet closely!)

A shirt that a French girl would clutch.

Brand gazing.

Transmit this belong to to your better.

Welcoming article about quitting your job to pursuit your thoughts (in black and white by Alex, yay:)

Yes, you can it would seem find a disintegrate of pizza in NYC.

The 10 very funny laws of parenting.

Attractive orangey pullover for fall.

How a long way away do you look like your relatives?

Stock a good one! xo

(My dear photo of Toby and me at the shoreline to the rear this summer; sunhat from Amazon for the syrupy readers who asked; it was a present from Alex for our honeymoon!)


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