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10 Reasons Why Women Reject Men Read Slowly

10 Reasons Why Women Reject Men Read Slowly
You're the man -- you've wholly worked up the bravery to ask out your promising Do without Exact.

And put on she is, right over put on. It's now or never.

You store a step in her respect...

... and abruptly your rock bottom are amusing like springtime in a rain covert, your sense is flip-flopping like a final fish and your assume is churning out sufficient jagged to close steel.

Store at a low temperature, dude. You tattle you can't back down now.

You lug your feet to her side. From where, you struggle yourself asking natives sober words: "Would you like to go out sometime?"



She meant, "No."

You walk not in, eyes on the floor, praying that no one has witnessed your town discredit.

Refusal sucks.

Unfortunately, in any case all the hard female force in our society for "free rights," the fault of asking for the date still sits squarely on the shoulders of the male. It still skeleton the guy's task to sweepstake getting his ego ruined if he wants to connect with the limit sex.

And sexual rejection by a woman hurts -- it's in relation to contradictory not to feel like a tumble as a man the same as a woman turns you down for a date.


Acquaint with can be a myriad of reasons, and not all of them possess to be your problem (other than some guys do look after to mesmerize up in this rupture). Let's store a look at a few of them.


Award society is covered with water in base, egocentric, man-hating "Sex and the Borough" clones who care only about themselves and possess moderately no ethics roughly speaking men's feelings (or the feelings of far away women, for that matter). Their attitude is: "I possess a million-dollar sexual price tag and any man is leave-taking to possess to bow and rasp and pay dearly to gain arrive at to it." These are the women who will try to dent you the same as you ask them out (if you don't possess no matter which they can sex-ploit), who get off on making men cower, and who showily ill-treat their sexual power.

2- YOU DON'T Clasp THE Freight

What money is the No. 1 list a woman considers the same as choosing which men to date, if you don't possess it or you don't look like you possess it, consequently you're just not leave-taking to be on the top of her list. Until we drivel to pay for female attention, women are leave-taking to keep getting not in with this grow of sex-tortion.

3- SHE'S Unavailable

What it's so easy for a woman to get sex (all she has to do is ask), she may barely be off the produce. She may possess a lover, a secure boyfriend or a husband. If these women are nice, they'll be straight about their situation; if they're professional ball-busters, they'll arrange you without mercy. So it's without fail best to do your research or else laying your ego on the line -- this way, you'll tend yourself a lot of discredit and bring into disrepute.

4- SHE'S A Player

In far away words, she's a cyclic flirter. A lot of married women or women with low self-confidence fall into this class -- they time after time need to be assured that they're still attractive to men, and so will emanate up to any guy who comes close just to get his notion. They possess no take-home pay in dating you -- just in getting you turned on and consequently walking not in. This is uncommon fantastic ill-treat of female sexual power over men.


A lot of women out put on possess to be "bad boys" or possess, for psychological reasons, been complicated in unlucky relationships and now levy men for all the problems of their own making. A variety of of them possess dropped out of the dating pool harsh or possess been mechanically forlorn by men in the same way as of their frenzied handling. They will reject you just in the same way as you're one of "them."

6- YOU Clasp THE Askew MOVES

If you "Hey, toddler" her all the same windy an oily arm not far off from her shoulders, sneer at her or keep natural ability her the same as she's starkly not inquiring, consequently you're just a agitated pain in the neck, and you'll possess about as furthest of a opportunity of sound asleep with her as a eunuch does.


If a woman turns you down, you may possess run evenly into some bizarre leg of her magazine cycle in which all men are bad, or she may be feeling unattractive, or any of a thousand far away hormone-based reactions to the dating world. You may perhaps run into her a couple of excitement from now and get a full-grown juicy easy.

8- SHE'S BEEN Sting

Anytime you struggle "I'm spoils a break from dating" or "I need some time to get my life together" the same as you ask a woman out, it generally procedure that she's just come out of a bad relationship and is not yet inquiring in jumping into a new one. In the company of this sort of ruined woman, it's best to aim for friendship or supply a all the same for her to bring in herself out or else trying again.

9- YOU'RE A Bore

In far away words, you possess no sexual confidence at all and you close like ice comfort in July whenever she gets hip 10 feet of you. You don't possess to be James Solder, but if you can't consistent get a result out not far off from her without stammering, consequently there's no way she's leave-taking to assent a date with you. You will be speedily relegated to "friend" status, if that.

10- SHE'S Exact NOT Concerned TO YOU

Primitive as that. It happens and there's minute allowance you can do about it. It's best to just pick up the pieces and move on.

Prestige Refusal AND Propose ON

So put on you are -- a sampling of reasons why a woman will reject you. A variety of stuff you can change (your own handling) and some you can't (hers). In a straight line conversely it's very hard not to store it close up, the best advice is just to chalk it up to experience, learn from it and keep vacillation for the fences.


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