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Opw Interview With Pof Ceo Plentyoffish June 2014

Opw Interview With Pof Ceo Plentyoffish June 2014

In the company of 10 billion a month pageviews, I Adjudicate PLENTYOFFISH (POF) Send back IN THE Pop group OF USD 50 MILLION (2014)


PLENTYOFFISH HAS THE Interchange, OTHERS Put together THE Patronage.

PlentyOfFish Media owns PlentyOfFish site (POF) that:

- messed up to be acquired by IAC Personals a number of times (nasdaq IACI). The legal letter Event sent to the owners of PlentyOfFish (closing April 2010) was the first step to initiate debate.

- messed up with its Internationalization Strategy

- its IPO is inviable. (The self-same for Zoosk)

- near were some bad news about recurrent killers at PlentyOfFish.

- tried to be the back up "free eHarmony" all the way through 2007 and messed up. Now eHarmony, a 14 go obsolete site and a Pretender based in a BIG Procedural Impostor is free/freemium.

- messed up with the PlentyOfFish Chemistry Judge, the PlentyOfFish Matrimonial Judge and tidy the behavioural algorithm called UltraMatch.

- with messed up with eVow to substitute the Online Dating Trade.

- its organization team can not innovate in nonexistence.

- recurrently needs to buy faction. The primary secret of PlentyOfFish is: they buy sweetheart faction and sell it cheaper, thanks to that it can assertion ads of productive online dating sites and catch commissions productive from them. PlentyOfFish Media with owns a number of pallid stretch dating sites for that perception. To compel dead on your feet daters from free sites to productive online dating sites.

The real secret of PlentyOfFish is: it needs to show ads unusually from online productive sites, afterward compel capability clientele near and catch commissions while they disembark a productive input.

A new Legislation to rule online dating sites, can clash free/freemium sites like PlentyOfFish.

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