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Anri Okita From Tokyo Japan Lenglui 250

Anri Okita From Tokyo Japan Lenglui 250
NAME: Anri Okita

Perceive OF BIRTH: Oct 28, 1986

HEIGHT: 168 cm

WEIGHT: 53 kg




ABOUT: Anri Okita is a busty Japanese AV player uneducated in Birmingham, UK. Miserably but true, regular time some of you guys are obviously happy about it. Japan AV industry is considerable and popular amid Japanese young women who feel they can make fast means and movie star out of it. Anri Okita encouraged to Japan and started her AV debut in prehistoric 2011 with S1.

By means of debuting, Anri Okita was a gravure model, a gravure idol () is a Japanese female model who largely models on men's magazines, photobooks or DVDs that add force to their sexual request and habitually model in swimsuits or lingerie. This sexy seductress who writes and speaks pat English is alike venturing into the music industry under the label of Rich Pop Moment in time (MPG) together with several new AV actresses like Yu Namiki, Riri Kuribayashi, Uta Kohaku and Kindheartedly Saotome.

Anri Okita certainly has garnered a lot of attention for her K-cup (Japanese metric system) icon which is unbelievably considerable for an Asian size. You cogency keep to punch yourself just to make confident you are not dreaming and what you do next is right up to you. In a good way, only the best of firmly non-nude of Anri Okita plausible in, all clean by


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