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2 5
I haven't done an in-depth update on Ivy girl in a minute, and since I could probably write a novel about all the personality and spunk crammed into that tiny little body of hers, I figured it was high time. Ivy continues to keep us on our toes every second of every day. She's still silly as ever, awesome at throwing tantrums, still gets caught red-handed practicing her face expressions in the mirror, is a freak about keeping clean, and loves to negotiate with us about anything and everything. She is seriously miniature, has longer hair than me, and has as much sass as a 15 year old. She's a little chatterbox and loves to narrate everything I do from sun up to sun down. "Mama eats toast! Mama put plate in sink. Mama gets a drink now! Mama is feeding Lola." I mean, It's like living with Morgan Freeman over here. (Morgan Freeman if he couldn't say his "R's" and had a much simpler vocabulary, of course.)When I say Ivy is a clean-freak, I really mean it. She literally cries over spilled milk and will flip if one little water drop lands on her shirt while washing her hands. Although her slight OCD (genetic, sorry girl) definitely stirs up more unnecessary fits a lot of the time, it has its perks too. She potty trained like an all-star a few months back, she's great at helping me clean up, and she'd be entertained forever lining up her teeny squinkies and toys in a straight line on the coffee table, "just so". As much as Ivy likes to be out and about, at the end of the day she's a total homebody. No surprise there as Gf and I are, too. No matter where we go, she will be painfully shy for the first 10-15 minutes in front of new faces. After the ice is broken though, she lets loose and is ready to party.Ivy still gives the worlds best hugs and kisses, and she's really good at knowing when you need them most. If she ever sees me crying (ahem, usually while watching Parenthood on Tuesday nights...shh!), she'll put her squishy little hands on my cheeks and make sure I'm doing OK. She loves to help out around the house and anytime I ask her a favor she almost always answers with, "Ummm... SURE MAMA!" It makes me so happy.Ivy's appetite is still getting better and she's finally wrapped her head around the whole "finish your meal, get a dessert" concept. She'll scarf down her dinner and in between bites stick up her tiny pointer finger and say, "dinner first, then dessert! just one dessert! oh of course!" A girl after my own heart. Ives loves to be outside and is already asking me if we can go swimming. She's starting to do more imaginative play and I love watching like a fly on the wall. She's a great Mama to all her dollys and I love listening to her tuck them in at night, promising them donuts for breakfast as she tickles their backs to sleep.We love this girl and her ability to make life so colorful for us. She really is a riot and she makes everything so much more fun. More days than not, she makes me laugh until I have tears in my eyes and my stomach hurts. I love what a ham she is and the girl that she's becoming. I really feel so incredibly lucky to have two best girl friends by my side forever. Keep being you, Ivy girl.



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