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Gudipati Venkatachalam Aka Chalam

Gudipati Venkatachalam Aka Chalam
GUDIPATI VENKATACHALAM AKA CHALAM (Telugu : ) (1894-1979), aTelugu playwright and knowledgeable, was one of the ceiling compelling personalities in the topical Telugu prose.Furthermost of his writings were on the subject of women, particularly the agreeable of difficulties women encounter-physical as well as psychological-in the society, families and from their sticky and unite ones. Chalam discussed how women want stand for these problems. The themes of his writings, weighty discover in his writings blended with his writing style earned him undesirable place in Telugu enlightening world.Greatly that is known about Chalam's previous comes from his 1972 diary worthy Chalam. In it, he vibrantly mentions how his dad whip him up and how his mom, staying at her parents' home harmonized in the past marriage with her dwell on and husband, had to stand for a swivel of misuse. Chalam overtly puts across why he is writing his diary in its foreword:Life"I hate autobiographies. By writing an diary, I am admitting to myself and round the houses telling a person that I am an influential person, I made loads of good gear to help people and society and if I do not tell the world about myself, organize is great loss to the world and by not mature about me, the world is unbeneficial something. For a person like me who endlessly thinks and wonders, "Why was I born? And OK, I was instinctive but why I did not die quickly without polluting my surroundings? Prose an diary and telling my story shamelessly is not a matter to be excused..."

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Easy in addition comprehensively as "Chalam"', Gudipati Venkata Chalam was instinctive on 18 May 1894 in Madras(now called Chennai) in India. His close relative was Venkata Subbamma and initiate was Kommuri Sambasivarao. In his previous, his loving grandfather adopted him and his repute was transformed to "Gudipati" from "Kommuri". He used to practice Hindu rituals very piously. Until that time he ready his Reedy Work out, he calculated all(?) the Hindu Mythologies. The way his initiate abused his close relative made an indelible impression on his young mind. As well this, the dispensing in which his sister "Ammmanni" ( who name is Venkata Ramanamma, Dulla) was married off against her will to boot made him to twirl on the difficulties that women faced in the society.

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Chalam related Pithapuram Maharaja University in 1911. At that time, he was attracted by the preachings of Raghupati Venkata Ratnam Naidu-a Sociable Reformer and planner of Brahma Samaj in Andhra. Chalam went to Madras to study Single of Arts (BA). Until that time combination the University, he was married to Chitti Ranganayakamma. Point in time studying for Evaluate in Chennai, he got his other half admitted into a convent for her education and he used to drop her at line up on his dirt bike. This was a view for the people to see a husband falling off the other half on his administer. Chalam still exasperating the sanctified component (Yagnopaveetham), started eating non-vegetarian food (Brahmins were familiar vegetarians) and he used to syndicate with all castes. This frustrated all his links and in addition so his father-in-law. His father-in-law banished him from inmost his family. By that time, Chalam's wife's age was simply 13. While his mother-in-law died, Chalam and his friends were not allowed in his father-in-law's the family for the funeral, and they were served food self-regulating.A long time ago carrying out his studies in Madras, Chalam related in a job as tutor in Kakinada. Again, he started participating in the Brahma Samaj activities. He to boot became bustling with his friendship with a beautiful girl named "Ratnamma" who happened to be his friend's sister-in-law. He worked as a teacher in Karimnagar. After that he related in a job with Teacher's Keep fit University in Rajahmundry. He when became a line up inspector. Exclaim his job, Chalam wrote in his allure book "Musings" (in Telugu language) (Beep 72, 5th Variety in 2005) as follows:I AM A Granite, SLAVE OF THE Congregation, Work out Inspector AND FOR THE Rude Rats Counterpart TEACHERS, I AM THE CAT.


NOVELS"Maidanam", "Sasirekha", "Dyvamicchina bharya", "Jeevitadarsam", "Brahmanikam", "Bujjigadu", "Tyaagam", "Aruna", "Anusuya"Squat Base COLLECTIONS"Contention", "Aa rathri", "Prema paryavasanam", "Satyam Sivam Sundaram", "Vedantam"NON-FICTION"Musings", "Papam", "Prema Lekhalu", "Stree", "Biddala Shikshana"


Chalam was a strong critic of the very important community architecture of his time. He alleged that the barriers produced by the society unacceptable love and common understanding from human relationships.In a society that alleged in litter being positive to their parents, he proclaimed easy on the ear for and bringing up of litter as the very important excise as parents.He was comprehensively shunned at home his times particularly for his advocacy of women's job and his total rejection of the family system.


* From Brahmanikam: "to be verified"

"Stri oka mata valla,chupu vallaa purushuniki Sandichhindaa....ika atani adhikaraniki,korikalaki,vinnapalaki antam undadu. Asalu paryavasanam akkarleni stri modatininchi vimukhamgane undali......nippu vale undali,kaalanu kudadani chala mandi moorkhula aasa...",....,,.......,..."

The inexperienced Maidanam made an indelible make on the reader for its free and straight way of be in front of, the relationship in the company of man and woman disregarding form and view.(,


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