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By Theoc

By Theoc
I think the profile at the beginning is interesting and probably on balance fairly accurate. I would strongly advice Black women not to consider white guys that have racial fetishes for non-white women. I think there is something abnormal and insincere about it.

I've been married to a white man for over 20 years, but he is not American (European). I find American white men still unsure about crossing that line. But the younger generation of white guys seem much more curious and with prompting seem to be willing.

I'm not too into whether or not they are Alpha or Beta. Men are men. I think that is a woman's preference what type of guy she is into. I would think any white American guy who crosses the line and dates a Black (if they are sincere) would be what I call contrary as opposed to rebellious. I would be suspicious of super rebellious or highly idealistic "liberal" types. Interracial relationships require level-headed and strong minded traits from the parties involved. Idealism only hampers these type of relationships and clouds perspective.

My husband is not a nerd but he is middle-management and quietly successful. No flash. But very good looking. I would agree that European men are more comfortable with black women than Americans and their peers and family on balance are comfortable with it as well therefore, there is little to no social pressure involved.

In my city, I don't see many white parents being concerned about their white sons dating my daughter. But having said this, only a small percentage of white guys actually pursue her. There is plenty of admiring from larger group though. I think most of these boys will pursue black women when they start attending college where the peer pressure is not as strong.

Well I guess I am rambling now and it is pretty late at night to boot. But I find the exchange here very interesting.


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