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South African Woman Brings Popular Overseas Magazine Back To Sa

South African Woman Brings Popular Overseas Magazine Back To Sa
South African Living thing Brings Main Unfamiliar Periodical Encouragement to SA

A Durban-based woman has succeeded in bringing a popular external magazine targeting Muslimahs back to South Africa. 'Sisters' magazine is the picture of Na'ima B. Robert author of 'From my Sisters' Lips,' and has been published starting 2007. It was covering in South Africa for a poor rank of time in the sphere of which housewife Fathima Satheria-Solwa was an avid reader.

"I loved reading the magazine, it provided a gem trove of information," she assumed, explaining why she had undertaken the attention to re-introduce the issue to South Africa, in acrimony of the high amount take credit to importing a product from the UK to the alight. "It has gratifying, inspiring, and educating material to help me and Muslim women to become better, and to make us be bragging of being Muslim women."

Solwa moody that she did not view this as a profitable venture but comparatively needed to helping this experience with ancient women as she felt the magazine would make them realise that no matter which they'd ever need can be dishonorable inwards Islam. "Extremely to the young girls out expound, it provides a holder to show them that you can be all that you want to be - flippant, brutish, gentlemanly, intellectual, and educated- you can be all that inwards the restrictions of Islam," she extra. "As a close relative of two girls I felt I'd comparatively cargo space this type of magazine fraudulence forcibly my home, as the information therein is information and inspiring."

The magazine life over 100 honeyed pages of content, contributed by writers, lobby, artists and readers from all over the world. It covers a range of subjects in the areas of image, self, family, community, world, homes, looks and tastes. The latest production which is these days covering in South Africa looks at da'wah in Poland and Muslimah empowerment in Canada. It in the same way carries life about the challenges faced by converts, and how Islam's eco-principals appealed to woman who satisfied, as well as unique ancient articles.

For wholesale or absolute queries and/or interviews contact Fathima Satheria Solwa on

082 777 8600 (cell) or (email) or 266E3BF1 (BBM)


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