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Tuning Out The Voices An Advance Review Of Nbc The Listener

Tuning Out The Voices An Advance Review Of Nbc The Listener
It seems that greatest extent broadcasters these days are investigating how to make international co-productions work for them. CBS has scored with Flashpoint, FOX is attempting to make Emotional work as a summer film set, and NBC is about to first performance the latest international co-production, The Listener, tonight.

The Listener, which kicks off with two boarding house episodes tonight, is co-produced with Canada's CTV and Shaftesbury Movies. It stars Craig Olejnik (The Timekeeper) as Toby Logan, a generically conspicuous twenty-something paramedic who is concealing a rasping secret: he's it appears that a bright telepath able to read grassroots minds.

Toby has had to keep this ability a secret for rather some time. In fact, the only person who is hypersensitive of his power is his lecturer Dr. Ray Mercer (24's Colm Feore), who build Toby to the same extent he was a boy and urges him to keep his second-sighted abilities a secret from each person, in the company of persons close to him, like his agent Oz (Billable Hours' Ennis Esmer), ex-girlfriend Dr. Olivia Fawcett (Da Vinci's City Hall's Myl`ene Dinh-Robic), and give your word love prestige Police man Charlie Hunt down (Report of a Mad Black Woman's Lisa Marcos).

But Toby can't help himself from using his powers to help people, supreme his express line of work, and he's seen either speedily scanning grassroots minds to gain information about their reputation or situation (as in the manual section to the same extent he realizes that a car fate victim has had her son kidnapped) or is intimidated by their raw emotion and discomfort and is summoned to the deem.

All of which possibly will potentially give the solemn medical have fun a jam jar of adrenaline, except for the fact that The Listener is perhaps one of the cheesiest and greatest extent conventional dramas that NBC has aired in a very long time. It's the type of film set where no matter which is so spelled out that modish the opening diaphanous of the film set, Toby "overhears" an attractive woman look him over and think "If only he possibly will read my mind." Yes, it's thoroughly that type of film set.

There's not a diaphanous in the opening section of The Listener that isn't bogged down in medical or sleight of hand have fun cliche and development accumulation coat to injury is the fact that Olejnik's friendly Toby is limited by a bunch of anemic, one-dimensional characters right out of spirit casting. There's the female officeholder with a twitter on her stow, the paramedic agent who says no matter which that's on his mind, an ex-girlfriend who bemoans Toby's informality issues and needs he would tell her what he's thinking.

To the same extent follows is a modestly uncompromising and formulaic medical expert where Toby attempts to keep back lives, rest crimes, and fix problems for strangers using his mental abilities while excessively attempting to grow into the site for fear of being open for what he tremendously is. And modestly than conduct his indecipherable abilities open the opening for multihued subplots or alternative plan twists, it seems to only development check the action; Toby's abilities are never used for no matter what supplementary than crime-solving/life-saving and he comes off as a bit of a stick-in-the-mud.

Dramatization way of life are thoroughly what you may perhaps invite from a film set such as this and the tote up person just feels lethargic and old. There's abundantly not a hint breakthrough or incredible about The Listener, which is a dishonor as it's one of the few scripted film set being launched this summer on the spread networks. To be more precise, The Listener reeks of being a irrelevant co-production that can bomb the timeslot for a few weeks before NBC does old hat with the 10 pm hour austere.

Mainly, The Listener is a bit of a throwback to late 80s/early 90s Saturday further on sundown syndicated programs. Expound are no real stakes stylish, no emotional connection to the characters or their situations, and not a hint that will get me to overhaul in again to find out what happens neighboring. You don't need a mind-reader to gather that.

The Listener launches tonight at 9 pm ET/PT on NBC with two boarding house episodes before settling in at 10 pm ET/PT neighboring week.



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