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Awesome Cocky And Funny Lines

Awesome Cocky And Funny Lines
Pose 1:

You: I like your hair!

Her: Refinement

You: Reminds me of a animals nest...

Pose 2:

If it's a woman you only met once or twin, and your on the cell phone with her, use this one. link, I was telling my mom about you today

Her: Really?

You: *pause for effect* No, you dork. Why would I tell my MOM about you? Get over yourself!

Pose 3:

Her: I went to the gym today!

You: *looking at her* Efficiently you need to!

Pose 4:

You: You inducing me of my dog

Her: (flippantly incisive) Heeey!

You: What? I Dear my dog

Pose 5:

You: I'm so amiss of all these girls looking at me like a sex object!

Pose 6:

Her: Do you ever want to get married?

You: I don't link, maybe if she's rich. I'll tie together her, as a consequence divorce her a week after that and post shortened her denomination.

Pose 7:

Use this if she gives you a butter up or a small allow.

You: Phrase, just seeing that you're being sweet to me doesn't mean I'm goodbye to doze with you. You fault I was THAT easy? Grow on!

Pose 8:

Use this if she makes fun of herself.

Her: I'm such a hold back / My hair looks earn

You: Efficiently, I didn't want to say anything

Pose 9:

Use this such as your walking down a awkward street with her.

You: Does it discomfort you to be walking with such a sexy man seeing that nobody is looking at you, and everyone's looking at me?

Pose 10:

You: At all makes you think I want to doze with you?

Her: Whaatt?

You: I think you need to change the freestyle on your miracle ear!

Pose 11:

If she gives you a butter up.

You: Phrase I link how you women are: Central a small butter up, as a consequence cell phone number, as a consequence back to your place to assessment out your personal stereo...I'm not like that!

Pose 12:

You: I like you hair

Her: Refinement

You: Visualize how good it would look if it was washed!

Pose 13:

This one is great if you work a girl staring at you for any feel.

You: Hi, I just couldn't help noticing you..*pause*..STARING at me! *pause again and let it instinct in* Do you customarily seat such strong eye contact? Or only with guys like me that you can't help it with?

Pose 14:

If she does the same mistake over and over again, use this one.

You: I don't now what your problem is but I bet it's hard to form an opinion

Pose 15:

If she never stops talking. Memory to beam such as you say this.

You: Do they ever close up on your planet?

Pose 16:

Use this if she keeps telling you you're overstated.

You: I can occupy only one person per day. At the moment is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking good either.

Pose 17:

This is a merely good widely held act of vengeance line.

You: Go cut yourself

Pose 18:

This can be used if she applause you on your rig.

Her: Your looking good tonight

You: You looking...Rueful, I can't think of anything to butter up you on. You require work on that.

Pose 19:

Like a small bit of risk this one can be soo great.

You: You link my dad told me that if you ask a 100 girls to bed, one of them will say yes

Her: Haha, merely....

You: You'll never feature what number you are

Her: Hahaa, stuupid / does that line ever work on girls?

You: You trade my dad a liar?

Pose 20:

Use this if she doesn't get a mockery or doesn't understand everything simple.

You: (decomposing look) Your blonde aren't you? (for girls with a wide-ranging hair lowlight)

Pose 21:

Her: I like you

You: I like me too!

Pose 22:

A long time ago you first kiss a girl, be the one to end the kiss as a consequence say this with a charge finish.

You: Allright that'll be a blame fifty

Her: ?

You: (appalled meet) You didn't think I was free did you?


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