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What Does Your Tattoo Say About You

What Does Your Tattoo Say About You
I share her point of view. I once considered getting a tattoo I had designed myself for my lower back. Then I heard that many men think negative things about women with lower back tattoos so I changed my mind. I'm glad I did. Now I think that tattoos look very unnatural and detract from the aesthetics of the body especially when they cause asymmetry. I do think they are unladylike. I think bodies look better without needing to pain on them and clothing and lingerie is enough.

I am okay with a few tattoos on men as long as they are not visible because that can make someone appear unprofessional and therefore unemployable. If a man has many tattoos it makes them look like a musician/artist/athlete, three types of men I am not interested in dating. Plus it can also make them look like criminals or ex-cons and therefore men I want to avoid. When I think of a gentleman and a father I just don't picture someone with tattoos covering most of his body.

I am not attracted at all to leg tattoos because of the asymmetry and I can't stand the full sleeve look. It just looks as if the person has a skin condition or they are dirty (just the way I feel). For instance, Adam Lavigne is a good looking guy from the group Maroon 5. He was very attractive to me before but now that he has all the tattoos I just can't find him attractive anymore. I wish guys would stop getting so many tattoos. I think working out and having muscles makes men more attractive, not tattoos.



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