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Casting Couch Tunney Tries Out Mentalist Gruffudd Meant To Be At Cbs

Casting Couch Tunney Tries Out Mentalist Gruffudd Meant To Be At Cbs
In a emergence embellish separate any far away in last-minute connection, the casting is coming fast and mad as studios try to get their show projects spurt as smartly as to be expected sooner than achieve announcements in May (far away than NBC, who will portent its primetime schedule, "on paper in pencil," tomorrow) and, you make out, a to be expected actors punch in June.

Robin Tunney (Cell Break) has been cast in the stage show The Mentalist, invalidate Simon Baker. She'll play rough CBI lead spokesperson Teresa Lisbon who has code leniency for Baker's character, a fabricate perceptive who uses his observational skills to help react crimes. Let's just desire Tunney doesn't, ahem, end up leaving into any trimming odd McMansions that leave from the boundary...

Ioan Gruffudd (Monstrous Four) will play the male lead in the CBS the stage show The Intended to Be's, from Glenn Gordon Caron, invalidate Amy Smart. He'll play The Man, a sort of purgatory-based guide and lecturer to Smart's character, a bitchy art dealer who is murdered hours at the rear her marriage and discovers that she has been sent back to Ground as a Meant-to-Be, a sort of angel-type who pushes people into the right orders. Peace of like Della Reese with a flashier apparel.

Elizabeth Reaser (Grey's Anatomy) has landed the lead in the stage Mythological Ex, on paper by former Veronica Mars score Diane Ruggiero, what's more at CBS. Acting revolves surrounding a woman who is told by a perceptive that she's previously met her one true love and sets out to way down all of her ex-boyfriends.


When else? CBS' show presentation Harper's Island, a sort of lifelong Scream-like slasher the stage about a group of marriage troupe picked off one by one on a Seattle desert island that was home to a vindictive highly contagious, has landed three actors, casting Elaine Cassidy (The Ghost Group), Ryan Merriman (Veritas: The Chase), and Samantha Proud (All Saints).

In due course, Dustin Milligan will play jockish Ethan on the CW's Beverly Hills 90210 offshoot on paper by Veronica Mars novelist Rob Thomas, one of three the stage projects he has in case at special networks.

What's On Tonight

8 pm: NCIS (CBS); "Chief Loser "(NBC; 8-10 pm); Elegance and the Drip (CW); Upright for Laughs/Just for Laughs (ABC); American Supernatural being (FOX)

9 pm: Big Brother 9 (CBS); Unite (CW); Dancing with the Stars (ABC); Hell's Kitchen (FOX)"

10 pm: CSI: Miami (CBS); Law "> (NBC); Keep going to Be 150... Can You Do It? (ABC)

"When I'll Be Watching"

8 pm: Elegance and the Drip.

I've exact up on this sad retreat of a once-great reality prepare, secure if the geeks and beauties were before I go matching off (too diminutive, too late, I say). If you are still watching, this week's interval ("Lovelorn Science") has the beauties show on a science project in the role of the geeks give out relationship advice to callers on a national radio show. Wow, it now is the blind leading the blind...

9 pm: Last Canteen Importance on BBC America.

On the ninth interval of this addictive British authority, the couples sing your own praises to come up with special brands for their restaurants that will make them stand out together with a rigid marketplace; one wastes all of their publicity reduced on printing leaflets that are riddled with errors; others turn up on the radio; Jeremy's victuals class idea is an apocalyptic debacle.

10 pm: The Wealth on FX.

On tonight's deliver ("Arm of Dreams"), Wayne is unconscious to uninteresting up the situation at the rear Cael's computer hacking at military institute comes to the formation attention and Hugh's depression threatens to reality the land commit.


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