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Stupid Investors Series Today Thecompleteme

Stupid Investors Series Today Thecompleteme
Companionable dating is illusory/vaporware for painstaking daters looking for a long term relationship with loyalty.

Thecompleteme is an online social dating company founded by a former VP Standardize who is not an entrepreneur; he is only a "marketinero", a clouds broker, but he can not innovate in zip up. It is not leaving to reform the Online Dating Thoroughness.

MY BET: THEY ARE Leaving TO Make Some Noise, Summit AND Corrosion In the same way as THEY RUN OUT OF Funds.

Display IS A Quite OF Companionable DATING SITES like Badoo; HowAboutWe, Zoosk in decadence seeing that months, others spoiled like SmartDate, Zingl, Web (next rebranded to Ignighter group dating), Limit, Triangulate, Gelato (next rebranded to Twnty), WooMe, 12Like, LittleHint.

ONLINE DATING FOR Moldy DATERS DOES NOT Habit TO BE Haughty Companionable, IT Desires TO BE Haughty EFFECTIVE/EFFICIENT. IT Desires TO Dulled THE Deceitful POSITIVES Interrogate.

The Online Dating Thoroughness needs innovations but they will come from only one source: the latest discoveries in theories of romantic relationships innovation with loyalty.

Compatibility is all about a high level on personality* similarity* with capability mates for long term mating with loyalty.

*personality reflect with a normative test.

*similarity: communicate are nothing like ways to scenario the people, it depends on how mathematically is exact.


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