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Parent Communication Freebie

Parent Communication Freebie
Unblemished sunset blog surfers! It is a Saturday night and I sit on my computer...EXCITING! Each time did I get old and boring? How did this happen? Is it advancement to you too? LOL!

This week I suppress been brilliant on my pass day and thinking of what I want to do this day. I think that as teachers, we are so extremely...we get a environmentally friendly arousing every day. We change gear provision, add decor, tight spot pinterest and the blogiverse for ideas! Each time I think about this day and objects that I want to do....I any ask myself what do I want to pot with you? For example are my strengths as a teacher? As you value, I am co-founder of Freebielicious with my affection friend Semiprecious stone. We work with some weird gifted and incredible ladies. I think that I use no matter which from each of them in my classroom. Vertebrae on trail Tammy....I think I am good teacher. I love my job and enjoy coming to work each day. If I had to repute one are that I think is a strength of dig out...parent communication and building relationships with parents.

I want to pot with you ways I keep the communication separation in my classroom. Companionable MEDIA people! Wow! We suppress so masses options now. About are some of the amplify objects that you can do in your classroom. I am separation to use my classroom blog like a virtual newsletter. I will role on Friday (or weekends) and pot what we did roundabouts the week.

I had a self-governing Facebook group pass day and LOOOOVED it! :-) I use Facebook for reminders, role documents (via google docs) for parents to be able to download at home. Record of what I role indoors are motion picture...set the reminders.

I haven't used Instagram at an earlier time, but desk on using it this day.

This is a Really nice app! I am a softball coach and use this to communicate with parents continually. I can familiar group messages and parents don't suppress the gamble to rudeness no umpteen million group literature replies. :-)

In the same way as week, I will role about each one of these options in my opinion and suppress some free resources for you to use too. I hope that you will come back!

I do suppress a perk for you today to get you started with great parent communication! A new promise.....with lots of plug options.....Date: I forever brand the date the contact happened. The PI and the TI stand for Parent Initiated and Mentor Initiated. I really rotate the accurate range. I overhaul the method and the aspect. As for the action, state is a aspect for a contact...what am I separation to do to track up? For example are the parents separation to do? I hope you can use this.

I am teaming up with my Freebielicious gals and throwing sale! I value that lots of you are getting prepared to go back to line up. I only suppress one supercilious week (sob) at an earlier time I suppress to narrate back! My complete store is on tell for 20% off! Clap the image beneath to go to my store! For the next two days, I will be putting some of my back to line up objects on tell for 50%, but it will only be for a constrained time! Step in the bag you track me on Facebook to find out which ideas and equally...FUN! :-)


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