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How Do You Fall Back In Love When You Have Already Lost It

How Do You Fall Back In Love When You Have Already Lost It
How do you fall back in love? Is it still possible for you to learn to love your spouse like you did ten or thirty years ago? Can you avoid a divorce? Can you transform your bland marriage into a fun, romantic relationship once more? Yes, yes, and more yeses. But how?

Before we proceed with the means, let me first tell you that falling back in love in a marriage is very different from casually falling in love with someone whom you have never been with before. When you fell out of love with your spouse, there were many complications that contributed to it. Most of these issues remain issues and never get the chance to be opened and dealt with making it more difficult for you or both of you to feel the love that bonds you as one. So before anything else, know that falling back in love will be harder than the first time. It may come slow and steady for others but that's okay. It's not a race.

In order to save a marriage, you have to want to make the marriage work. How do you psyche yourself to this? First, you have to reflect on the whole concept of marriage. What is marriage? Why did you marry in the first place? What were the implications and responsibilities attached to being married? Many people, when daunted with lots of tasks and problems at home, find themselves running away from the reality of marriage. Marriage is not always a smooth, roller coaster ride that will take you to ecstatic bouts of laughter or fun every time. Once you fully digest this fact, you will find your burden lighter knowing that experiencing difficulties in marriage is a healthy, normal thing that comes paired with marriage.

When you have understood what marriage really is and what it's all about, it's time for you to deal with your feelings, thoughts, and perspectives. If you realize that maybe you have already fallen out of love, "how do you fall back in love" should be your next quest and not the other way around. If you want your marriage to work, it's not anymore important who the man is. Even if you are the wife, you can make the first move. You can initiate intimacy, talk, love. You cannot just wait for the other party to do something if you are in the position of doing something. If this is how you think, you will more likely succeed.

You also have to let go of past hurts and emotional baggage that has parked inside your heart for a lot of years now. You cannot truly love your spouse back if you still carry with you all the accusations, hurtful words, and memories of ugly fights you have thrown at each other all these years. And this is the hardest part of all. However, forgiveness is the only key for love to emanate and mature. You have to forgive your spouse and yourself and in the process redeem your relationship.

When trying to apply these how do you fall back in love guidelines, think of the time when you've spent your time picturing a happy family that you and spouse would soon have. That time has come. Now that you have a family, or even if there's only the two of you and your pets, can you afford to give up that dream? Those precious dreams that you have always visualized when you were just newly married can never be wishing in vain if you do something about it. You can fall back in love again and take back what has been lost.

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