Make Yourself


Country Polecat (c)1997
by Killjoy

"Nooooooooo!", Sosha sprang out from under the covers, kicking and
throwing every thing which was touching her. As she realized where she was, she began to calm down. "Oh god, it was only a nightmare." Sosha tried to console herself while wiping the sweat away from her brow.
She was cold and still shivering from the horrible images which filled her mind, flashes of terror from the imaginary experiences she had
just suffered.

Still shaken, Sosha made her way to the bathroom, stopping there to examine herself in the mirror. She had slight bags under her eyes and her furry was slick with sweat. "I need a hot shower." she said to herself as she reached for the knobs, adjusting them until stream began to fill the room.

Sosha retrieved a towel from the closet and climbed in, the water was very hot at first but, she soon grew accustom to it. The warm liquid which flowed over her released her form her memories. Slightly stinging, it sunk deep into her fur, taking away not only the sweat but, the fear as well.

Sosha stood still for a while, letting the water work its magic, trying to avoid letting any thoughts enter her mind, enjoying a tranquil moment to herself. A half hour had passed and Sosha had only just began to wash herself. She slowly massaged shampoo though her fur and then her tail.
As she worked on the long, soft fur of her tail, she gasped it desperately in her arms, tears began falling from her eyes. She laid down in the tub, sobbing as the water rained down upon her.

Sosha sat on the toilet, drying her soft fur and looking out the window.
Its was a sunny day and she could hear birds singing in the distance.
Its the kind of day the Sosha would normally be out laying in the warm sun on a towel in the front yard, in goring the whistles and calls from the guys who drove by. Not today though, all she felt like doing was laying in bed, watching television and eating ice cream.

She flopped down onto her bed, letting her bath robe fall open. The sun streamed in and shown over her naked body, warming her fur. It felt so good but, Sosha didn't seem to notice. She just laid there, looking up at the ceiling. The phone rang, snapping her out of her daze. It was Missy, a young rabbit who worked with her at the perfume counter for a few weeks before getting a job in another part of the mall.

"Hey sunshine, what are you doing today?" Missy inquired. "Nothing much, just laying around the house." Sosha tried to hide how bad she was feeling.
"Well, that's no way for you to be, come out to the ranch with me, there's no telling what kind of mischief two good looking ladies like us could get into." Missy teased, sensing that some thing was bothering Sosha and she needed some thing to cheer her up.

"Well, I could stand to get out of this house, why not." Sosha said eagerly, the prospect of spending time with a friend appealed to her and she did love to ride. "Ok, I'll pick you up in an hour, I have some last minute stuff to do around here first." Missy stated and the two said good bye and hung up.
Sosha got up off the bed and walked to the closet in search of her riding clothes. As she opened the closet, she caught her reflection in the full length mirror which hung on the inside of the door. There she stood, her bath robe still open, her furry body in full view. Normally she'd stand there and admire her gentle curves but, seeing herself only brought back images of the dream.

Sosha grabbed her clothes and slammed the door shut, walked over to her bed and sat down. "How could I ever have such a nightmare? That was the most horrible thing I've ever experienced." she cupped her face in her hands and fell over onto the bed. Sosha had almost fallen asleep again as the door bell rang, she jumped up and sprinted to the door. "Hi, you read...dy?" Missy stuttered, looking at Sosha. "opps!" Sosha quickly pulled her rode around her.
"Well, at least now I don't have to wonder why all the guys fall all over themselves when there around you." Missy giggled.

Sosha smiled and let Missy in, closing the door behind her. "So, your still going right?" Missy looked Sosha over. "Hell ya, I just fell back asleep, kind of." Sosha turned and walked toward her room, "I'll be right out." Missy began looking around Sosha apartment while she waited, studying the pictures on her shelf and the assortment of magazines in front of the couch. "Ok, lets hit the road." Sosha said as she stepped out of her room, wearing her red and gold riding clothes and her dark brown ass less chaps.

"I still don't know why you wear those chaps, every one notices your butt now without advertising it more.", Missy laughed. Sosha blushed and started heading for the door, "Missy always seems to be complimenting me on my body, she's pretty cute too, I wonder why I've never seen her with a guy before."
Missy followed Sosha out to the car and climbed in, Missy pulled out of the drive way and headed down the road.

Sosha was strangely quiet during the trip and Missy finally put her hand on Sosha's leg, "Some thing bothering you?" Sosha moved Missy's hand off her leg without thinking and looked at her, "Missy, why is it that I never see you with a man? Your cute and all, seems like you'd have met one by now." Missy looked shocked for a moment, "Ummm, well....I had some trouble with men some time ago." She gave Sosha a quick glance and then began driving intently, hope there would be no more questions.

Sosha felt kind of bad for asking, imagining she'd been raped or some thing and didn't want to dig up painful memories. She thought how she felt after her nightmare and couldn't imagine how she'd feel if it had really happened.
Neither of them said any thing more for the rest of the trip.

Missy steered into the ranch parking lot and they both got out, making their way to the main log. A couple wolves in full cowboy gear greeted them
, from the ten gallon hat to the spurs on their leather boots. "Howdy ladies, what ya all doing today?" one of them asked. "Well, we've come here to ride some studs, you know where we could find any?" Missy replied, she was being sarcastic and not trying to hide it.

The two wolves mumbled to each other as Missy and Sosha walked by and entered the main log. "Missy, did you see their faces? I wish I had a camera." Sosha laughed. A sly smile crossed Missy's lips, "Maybe we should play with them some more later." The two signed in at the front desk and headed out to the corral which was surrounded by furries watching others saddling up horses. "I hope no one has got Samson yet." Missy said as they reached the gate.

Sosha and Missy examined the horses that were available, looking for there usual steeds. "Hey, where's Bartumus?" Sosha protested, not finding the gelding she normally rode. She questioned one of the ranch hands who told her that he had been traded to another ranch a week ago. Sosha's first time riding was with Bartumus and she had rode him every time since, he was the gentlest horse on the ranch. Sosha moped about, remembering her times with him and watched Missy prance by on a chestnut mare.

As Sosha wandered about, she heard the loud cries of a stallion in the distance and followed the sound. She turned the corner of the barn and saw several ranch hands pulling on ropes, trying to get a large, black stallion into a corral. He was fighting them with every thing he had, pulling and kicking, nearly knocking a couple of them down. They eventually got him in and locked the gate behind him. The stallion bucked and kicked, charging around the corral and testing its fences.

He was the biggest stallion she had ever seen around the ranch, his long black mane flowing in the wind. His well-defined muscles rippled under the soft sea of fine black fur which covered his body. Sosha gazed upon the marvelous beast in front of her, standing silently with her mouth slightly open.
"He a big monster isn't he?" a voice broke her trance, one of the ranch hands was standing next to her looking at the stallion. "He's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." Sosha replied, still in awe of the animal which bucked and ran about it's confines.

"Well, your a pretty little filly yourself." The ranch hand stated, putting his hand on her shoulder. "Huh? Oh, umm, thanks." Sosha blushed, she hadn't truly realized that she was talking to any one and his comment caught her by surprise. Standing next to her was a tall male equine dressed in a loose shirt and blue jeans. He had tan fur and the deepest blue eyes, and a short brown mane which look a lot like a mohawk. "He's almost as impressive as that stallion." Sosha laughed to herself.

"OH, Hello. I'm Dennis Hawkens and you are?" He introduced himself. "Sosha Comdale." Sosha offered her hand to shake but, received a gentle kiss on it instead. Sosha blushed again, "So, what's the stallion's name?" she asked hoping to distract him from noticing. "Who him? That's Storm, he just got here from another ranch, we rotate studs that way to keep the animals free of defects." Dennis said as he walked over to the fence with her.

"Well, he looks like a good breeding horse." Sosha replied, although she wasn't exactly thinking the same thing Dennis was. "Ya, he sure has enough spunk, injured a couple men while they were transporting him here. His offspring will make good rodeo horses." Dennis stated
while moving closer to Sosha. As she watched the stallion, he slipped his arm around her, "Have you done any riding yet today?"

"No, I normally ride Bartumus but, they said they traded him to another ranch." Sosha didn't even notice Dennis' arm, she was too distracted by Storm who still ran about, looking for a way to escape the corral.
"Think there's any way I could ride him?" She asked, turning to Dennis and nearly bumped her muzzle into his, "Oh!" she stumbled back, only to have him catch her from falling.

The two laughed for a moment, Sosha felt so embarrassed but, tried to hide it. "I don't think so little lady. He's never been ridden and
I wouldn't suggest you try riding a stallion that hasn't been gelded, they can get a bit spirited.
" Dennis said as Sosha straightened her shirt.

Sosha looked up at Dennis, who smiled back at her. "Maybe I should ask him what he's doing later tonight, he's cute. No, I just met him, I don't want to sound that easy." she thought to herself. Just as she began to speak, Dennis lunged forward, grabbing her arm and jerking her to him, almost knocking them both over and he staggered backwards.

"Wow, moving a little fast aren't you?" Sosha jested. Dennis though for a second, pondering Sosha's statement before answering "No, look behind you."
Sosha turned back to the fence to find the black stallion leaning over the railing. "He came running at us and I didn't want him to hurt you." Dennis added, again Sosha felt embarrassed. "Thanks but, he doesn't look like he'd hurt me." She began to reach out to touch the stallion but, Dennis stopped her. "Watch it, I just told you he hurt some people on the way here and you never know when a stallion might act up."

With some apprehension, Sosha moved closer to the fence, holding her hand out to the stallion who stood perfectly still, staring at her. Dennis kept a close eye on the stallion, ready to pull Sosha away at the
slightest movement. The stallion sniffed at Sosha's hand and looked back up at her, Sosha moved a little closer and touched his muzzle, feeling his hot breath on her arm. "Well, I'll be.." Dennis stood stunned, watching Sosha gently petting the chin and muzzle of a monstrous horse he though would have nipped at her and began kicking the fence.

"I have a way with studs." Sosha said playfully, trying to break Dennis from his silent stare. "Umm, I guess." he gulped. Sosha moved close, letting the stallion sniff at her. She was now close enough that he had full access to her and took it, sniffing at her neck and face, sharing his breath with her as they came nose to nose. Sosha didn't seem cautious at all now, trusting the stallion totally as if she'd known him her whole life. For some reason, she couldn't see him ever hurting her.

"You must have some power over males, I've never seen a stallion calm down that fast." Dennis said, finally coming out of his stupor. Sosha laughed, "Ya, I seem to have that affect on men." She moved closer to the stallion, rubbing his powerful chest, feeling the softness of his fine fur. The stallion continued to inspect, finally leaning over her shoulder to sniff her back.

"Umm, I think your getting a little to close to him Sosha, you could really get hurt." Dennis warned. "No way, you wouldn't hurt me would you Storm?" Sosha rubbed his neck, running her ringers through his
thick mane. Storm looked over at Dennis, giving a loud snort and
returning to sniffing Sosha.

"You know Dennis, I might get to ride Storm yet." She teased, looking back at him. "Well, don't get your hopes up, I don't know why he's
letting you get so close but, I'm going to tell you this one more time.
Stallions are unpredictable and he'll turn on you one of these times."
Dennis' voice sounded cold, he'd had much more experience with horses then she did and knew she wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Look, I'll be careful, I have been around horses before, let me stay here for a little while and work with him and maybe we can do a little RIDING later." Sosha flirted, hoping to get his mind off the stallion and onto some thing else. She did have a power over men and she was trying to use it now. Dennis simply stood there, looking at her.
Sosha leaned against the fence, taking a more seductive pose, "Come on Dennis, I'll stay on this side of the fence. Promise."

"Well, I know your just going to sneak back here and do it any ways so.... if you promise to stay out of the corral, I guess its ok."
He just couldn't resist. Sosha had her back to Storm, his head over her shoulder. She put her arm around his neck and lightly kissed him, making sure that Dennis could see. She loved teasing men like that and getting them to let her have her way, she'd pay him back later though.

Dennis gave her a last glance and walked off, returning to his chores around the ranch. Sosha was getting hot from the noon day's sun and unbuttoned the top of her shirt. She turned back to Storm who nuzzled playfully at her, "I don't know how he could think Storm was so
violent, he seems like such a sweet horse now.
" Storm nuzzled at her shirt, finding the opened top and pushing his nose in. His hot breath steamed across Sosha's breasts as Storm nosed between them.

Sosha stepped back, looking around to see if any one had seen that.
She blushed again, embarrassed by what happened but, slightly aroused at the same time. "Moving a little fast aren't you big boy?" She
teases as she rubbed Storm's chin. He nickered and snorted, his
tail whipping about. Sosha laughed and continued petting her
wondrous new friend.

Well, I had to bring Sosha back, she's my favorite character.
After the last one I wrote with her, I thought I owed her a
nice active one. I'm going to make the next couple as long as
this one, I feel the other stories I've wrote were a little
short and hope this makes up for it. Let me know what you think.
Also, this story is dedicated to the special little filly who
inspired it.



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