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A Halfway House For Over The Hill Hookers

A Halfway House For Over The Hill Hookers
Winner sits at his PC and spews ignominious language `a la Bo yesterday. "The Salem potty-mouth law very has its work cut out for it."

"Yeouch," says Phillip, "Too bad my ears aren't erroneous like the rest of me." What's wrong?"

"Wikileaks has started releasing information on Titan's activities," says Winner.

"Wow, they in actual fact secure hit the bring to an end of the barrel," says Phillip."

Not only that," says Winner, "Vivian has sent me a tally for the casket." He thinks Vivian is on the move and may possibly thrash all of them, "She's an expressionless, stupid, irrational woman."

Meanwhile, over at Cl"HO"e and Daniel's corny place, "not-befitting-a-doctor-of-Dan's-status", Chloe bounces Parker participation as Daniel beams with joy.

Caroline kneels at religious and begs God to clear her. "I am a gentle God, sayeth the Lady, but I can only go so far. You've exceeded your cover."

Bo and Carly are at the pub traumatic about Hope.

The champion tells Hope to insert a letter to Bo telling him she had a regress, but is fine. "Let's see, she had a regress to perfectly freaking out, but is fine. Yeah, Bo will it would seem buy it." Hope refuses, but the champion threatens.

Sami walks in the woods. A allot clamps her by the chin and drags her into the clean.


He shushes her. They telescope and lair. EJ walks up, "Starting place, well, well, what are you function here? You just made a big lose your footing."

Chi and Gabi make out. Gabi chickens out and says she has to go. Chi, calm down wants her to become calm. "All guys go express this scene at some point."

In the role of EJ saw was Kate. He tells her, "I'm out surrounding looking for a current of air, and I think I way one."

The champion says all Hope has to do is tell Bo it's better that he doesn't see her... "Or overly," asks Hope."

"By Jove," says the champion, "I think she's got it."

Hope says if she disappears Bo will never stop looking for her, "Your miniature process is over."

Bo doesn't want to cancel his and Carly's defer to Cl"HO"e and Daniel. "At least that's what he says."

Chloe and Daniel contributor in their happiness. Chloe bounces Parker on her stage as they talk about how great life is. They kiss. "Parker turns green from all the bouncing."

Caroline tells God she didn't mean to spoil ego by capricious the motherliness tests, "I will perceive that secret to my severe."

"Yeah, but you won't be coming up surrounding with it," says God."

Chi stammers participation and says he doesn't want Gabi to stop, but didn't mean to order her participation. Noticeably of ordering her to stop he advice up some aloof smooching.

Rafe and Sami telescope as EJ picks up a puffy current of air and says Sydney can't go to reverie without it. Kate says she's an expert in separation to bed with snakes, so she have to talk to Sydney. "So snakes secure ho's, too?" They tramp off.

Sami and Rafe stop as Rafe tells her they secure to secure a long talk. "Translation: Rafe will secure a long talk and Sami will secure a long furrow."

Appearing in the argument room, Kate says she is submit for her saga. "Repayment one," says EJ, "How to make up a leprechaun. In which are you separation to live... is submit a middle children's home for over the intensification hookers?" Kate says she thinks Sami in actual fact missed an space blowing his rationalize out. "Starting place, in Sami's defense you can't hit what isn't submit."

EJ claims he has won. Kate tells him if he thinks that he's a open idiot. "No say."

Rafe lectures Sami for sneaking participation the DiMera mansion. Sami defends herself as hubby scolds.

A darling who works for Phillip sends him a drink. Phillip sloughs it off, but the darling joins him in good health.

Carly and Bo country at Daniel's put. Carly gushes about Parker. "Parker is like his daddy," says Chloe," He's got a way with the ladies. Starting place, Phillip very is a ladies man."

Bo says, "You're in actual fact greatly the way possessions worked out."

Chloe asks, "In the role of do you mean by that?"

The champion gets disagreeable with Hope and advice her to insert the letter, "Or I will be unintentional to make far off arrangements." Hope sits and writes as Jane dictates.

"Bo. I've had some tentative time surrounding and secure gotten myself into a bit of trouble."

EJ and Kate business wisecracks, fear and scoffs. Kate consultation about Curtis prize her dwell on. EJ bits and pieces she is a terrific person and doesn't good point to be a mother. She says Billie and Austin at last way out like Sydney and Johnny will, and at the rear of that Curtis was glossed to them. She implies the identical will play to EJ, "They will turn on you and the thing you want utmost in life will be behind."

"My Maserati," asks EJ.

Sami continues to defense herself. Rafe continues to stand as firm as the Mast of Gibraltar. "Among the identical IQ." Sami qualms about what all this will do to Johnny.

Johnny sleeps... he wakes and screams for Sami.

Bo explains what he assumed was about them thinking they couldn't secure dwell on for awhile, and now they've got Parker. The boys go for brews as Chloe and Carly talk about being pleased Bo didn't say that because he had somehow way out the secret.

Caroline continues to beg. "God promises to give her anything she asks for as long as she shuts up."

Kate and EJ... same-o, same-o. The butler interrupts and says Johnny has had a think, "He's talent for his mother." Kate shakes her reason.

Sami and Rafe secure diligent it to the park put on the back burner. They haven't misrepresented the satisfy, although. Sami qualms Johnny will be messed up for life. "Counterpart mother like son. If EJ can't be a good shock I'll go crazy," she whines. "Too late."

EJ tries to hovering Johnny. "Peacefulness mommy to come back in surrounding now," screams the kid.

The champion looks over what Hope has in black and white and passes command, "It looks good. "Your draft sucks, although." She wonders why Hope couldn't secure just not here well bounty alone. The champion vegetation. Hope stares.

Phillip tells "Bambi" he's the enhanced and a married man. "Matrimonial men are a area of mine," says "Bambi."

Chloe says she's happy Carly is in Parker's life and is sorry Carly has to keep the secret. Bo gets a call, "That's demonstrative of strange." He gets off and says he has to go to the station, "Introduce is a letter submit for me from Hope." Daniel vegetation with Bo to get take-out. "Or carry-in, as it were."

Chi and Gabi break it up as Rafe and Sami tramp in. Gabi stammers about why she is submit and vegetation. Sami sends Chi. He thinks they have to proposition with it. Sami hopes Johnny knows she loves him.

Johnny says his mommy was submit. EJ doesn't total him. Johnny coerce to see his mommy. "Shadows daddy" says no.

Phillip tells Bambi, "I am married... very married. "I've only gotten one woman pregnant because my marriage." She smooches him as Daniel walks in and grabs an eyeful. Phillip scoots.

Chi comes back out in the active room looking for his handset. He finds it in the slogan and texts Gabi. He asks if she's studying. She texts back that she's not, "No matter which overly got my attention."

"Really? Fantastically thing happened to me tonight," texts Chi.

Rafe joins Sami in bed. He promises he won't give up, "until he gets some."

Johnny wails at EJ, "I Willpower MOMMY. I Disgust YOU!"

Hope peers express the bars and hopes Bo reads her letter very cunningly.

Bo reads about Hope impertinent a trustee. Hope mumbles, "You've got to process it out, Bo."

Bo reads, "Not a minute goes by I don't think about our lush Ciara." He looks up, "In the role of the hell is that? How sharply Bo forgets his own kid."

Chloe wonders if it's tubby for Carly to watch what Bo and Hope are separation express.

"A spectator stands up and shouts, "You secure no idea how tubby it is to watch!"

Carly says no matter which happened fast with her and Bo and it's hard to get his attention. Chloe thinks Carly requisite be not well of that.

Carly says, "Almost certainly the historic have to be not here in the historic."

"Of move it have to," says Chloe, "If we didn't stop the historic in the historic, submit wouldn't be any room for the premeditated in the premeditated."

"Albert Einstein steps into the scene, "Excuze me, ladiez, but zometimez zee pazt is in zee premeditated. Zince E=MC^2 for examplez, if you harass in zee circle zhip at aloof zan zee zpeed of soft, time vill reverze. You vill trap up vith zee pazt zo in zat example, zee pazt is in zee premeditated. Zo in zee premeditated you oblige run into zome glossed citizens and zat's vhy I called it zee Model of Relative-ity."

"In which on earth," asks Carly, "did you come up with that crock of BS?"

"I ztudied advanzed algebra under Profezzor Rafe Hernandez," says Einstein."

Bambi and a guy chortle together. Winner tells Daniel if Bambi weren't so good at her job he'd fire her at Titan, "Shes a real man eater." He further tells Daniel Bambi newscast to Phillip.

EJ comes back to the argument room and asks why Kate is still submit. Kate says she enviable to see how possessions went with Johnny, "Did he ask for his mommy?" EJ clams up and tells her to stop. Kate says she knows he's careless, "And you have to be." She vegetation. EJ stares, "Pained times call for desperate preparations. We need to secure unique chat, Samantha."

Rafe tells Sami to secure esteem. Sami flashes back to involvement Johnny the secret sign.

"Just the once identification the sign, Sami tells Rafe no matter which will be OK. Translation: Check on the horizon."


Daniel asks Melanie, "Why are you in a soar to secure a baby?"

Rafe tells Winner, "I want that SOB out of my wife's life... permanently."

Sami tells EJ, "I can still stand surrounding and tell you to go to hell."

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