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Top Qualities Of Leadership Traits

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It's a fact: if you lined up a hundred different successful leaders and took a close look at their personalities and management styles, you would probably discover that each of them had a very unique and distinct leadership style. While there are a few important qualities of leadership that many great managers share, it's still undeniable that every individual leader has his or her own unique mix personality traits, methods and quirks that make them good at directing a group of people.

Still, it's worth taking a quick look at some of the top qualities of leadership that tend to combine to make high-quality and effective managers of people. Some of them are common-sense and well-known traits: perseverance, a strong work ethic; optimism; the ability to inspire and help team members envision a common goal; intelligence; analytical and planning skills; natural intuition; a gift for knowing what an individual's strengths and weaknesses are.

Other leadership qualities are less celebrated and universal, although they have been evident in some successful managers. Although ruthlessness isn't a quality that any leader should aspire toward, there are some historic leaders who displayed this trait in their management styles. The same goes for a lack of sympathy for adversaries and even members of their own team, although you'll find many more successful leaders who display a healthy dose of empathy for others. Although a dictatorial leadership style might help some leaders ascend to power quickly, it isn't usually a good way to stay at the top for long.

While it is true that a core group of natural competencies and traits exist that make it easier for a person to become a leader, it's also possible to teach these leadership qualities to those who don't come by them naturally. You should never underestimate the power of the most important leadership quality: the simple desire to become a leader and help successfully manage a group in its quest to reach a common goal.

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