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Hoxton On Sat 24th

Hoxton On Sat 24th
Met up with a friend who i've reticent meaning to hang out with. He works for a critical pua company and is a essentially geared up guy. we had a great talk! he's young and essentially has his shit together - a real think. he told me to go and read some women's books to essentially get into the heads of the adversary. i mean, the harmonize. i mean, uh, women. the ones he was reading were "secrets every woman have to meet up" and "don't be that girl"

will i ever be able to put up with myself to read such books? i dunno.

Went to balham to pick up whatever thing - jesus that's out of the way. later we hit up our unaffected a skin condition in hoxton at night. I told one of my bouncer friend's about the "timely"... it was modestly funny. he was like

"yeah i realize all your friends. they never drink. and what's with all the hats?"


As it should be now he knows. I told him i'd get him my copy of the timely, but i'll maybe just buy him one. mine's signed by the author. Never finance a book signed by the author -you'll bemoan it!

Hoxton bar music hall was laden full of hotties. Josh to a couple -this one with a hot bod was sooo hard to digest i couldn't spell it and had to validation myself. this widely one has a bf :(... ah well

later the kitchen was windin down but i reserved one girl - well not essentially, i opened her on the basis and her friends disappeared her nominated in the wake of a seeing that - hehe. she was single and we had a great chat - but she wouldn't gimmie her number. waah. i got her facebook. ah well.

that's sensationalist. a night out and i just got a facebook? sigh... it's a good feature i like dancing...


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