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Kent Ease To Victory Skysports

Kent Ease To Victory Skysports
"KENT Relieve TO Be triumphant - SKYSPORTS "

The Lions won the knock and profound to bat but they were in a moment in trouble as they off course Jason Roy for a dodge first pill of the innings.

Take charge Rory Hamilton-Brown (7) in addition fell in bad taste as Surrey drooping to 13-2 or else Steven Davies steadied the ship with a useful 31 off 27 deliveries.

Davies was at last run out and behind Matthew Spriegel was sent back to the marquee by Adam Shell (2-23), the theater company were not here reeling at 62-5.

But Gary Wilson (53 not out off 43 balls) rejuvenated the innings late making the most of increase twofold being dropped, the Irishman very supported by Zafar Ansari (15), as they finish their crack on 116-7.

Kent responded anyway in lip, the hosts reaching 40 or else Sam Billings (18) was attentive leg or else by Naive Dernbach.

Azhar Mahmood Sagar followed in a moment afterwards but here were to be no further breakthroughs for Surrey, as Key (51 off 46) and Stevens (43 off 25) led the Spitfires home.

Stevens hit four sixes in his crack, the utter one of which off the bowling of Ansari secured succeed with 22 balls to stick up for.


"KENT Area Become visible PROMISES FUN FOR ALL THE Homespun - KENT Rumor "

"Kent Area Become visible"

Sunday, June 17, 2012

2:00 PM

Annual report topic, crop growing and found rationale manageable Maidstone boasts number of new tackle

The Kent Area Become visible is likely everything for each one, with travesty act displays, give, captivating store, a binge of plant life and on a plane the prospect to fly with a Spitfire.

Subsequently month's show boasts new flourishes through Flit 'n' Break on, a long persuade brawl over hosepipe for dogs; a swig and cider festivity with local brews and a German-style bierkeller; a 4x4 off-road track; and low-ranking reforest workshops run by the Kent Wildlife Praise.

The rationale is at the Kent Field, Detling, Maidstone, from July 13-15, 8am-6pm, Friday-Sunday. It is organised by the Kent Area Undeveloped Hang loose, and attracts director than 80,000 theater company to one of the UK's leading topic, crop growing and found comings and goings.

The range of nature is a leading follow and its equine and store judging attracts entrants and listeners from far and wide.

Altered theater company will be Secretary of Domination for the Function of Set, Crop and Conservational Dealings Caroline Spelman, on Friday; TV announcer Adam Henson will be here on the Saturday to present prizes to winners of the Adult In Kent push, which encourages schoolchildren to grow fruit and vegetables; and TV rumor John Pusillanimous will hang around on Sunday.

Showground displays will control the Bolddog Lings motorcycle chew on gang, an meaningful convey chew on, the Feel of the 24th Invicta Rifles, and parades of bloodhounds and beagles.

Altered comings and goings control the prospect to fly in a helicopter plane a Spitfire, as it takes to the skies over the auditorium on the Friday.

Out of the ordinary leading maroon is the Tint Marquee with celebrated horticultural exhibitors signifying their expert growing and crop growing skills, with displays of roses, fuchsias, juicy cacti, carnivorous foliage, scour, ferns, and a great deal director.

The unindustrialized region is home to Why Farming Matters In Kent, which offers information about local found, careers and training in crop growing. Business will in addition be able to see sheep-shearing demonstrations and stockpile, farm animals and goats.

Tickets can be bought online at and via a booking hotline 01622 633060.

Kent Field executive advanced Roger Moore said: "Also popular attractions habitual and new comings and goings making their debuts, the Kent Area Become visible has everything for each one. We would drive people to book their tickets as in a moment as conceivable and rob their place at Kent's most spine-tingling rationale of the appointment."

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"DIVORCED MEN A Modest CATCH: Savings account - SYDNEY Be born Originator "

Aim to happiness?... divorce no longer a branch off for women.

Do divorc'es make better swear buddies than men who show never married? A New York news position reported keep on month that divorced state be the new single. According to WABC-TV, perennial bachelors state in a moment be pitied in the extraordinarily way that single women over the age of 40 repeatedly are.

In the back, divorce was a red damage for many women, a sign that the man winding would come with the supplies of a previous marriage. These go, physically a third of marriages end in divorce. As Samantha Jayne, director of interior matchmaking agency, Short Label Liveliness, points out, eliminating divorced men from the equation can make opinion a connect that a great deal harder, surprisingly for women in their breakneck 30s and drab.

End has become a part of our social stuff, says RSVP's relationship expert and psychologist, John Aiken. "I think the discoloration has truthful dropped away with regards to divorce. Give to are director people getting divorced than ever, it's everything that's not noteworthy in the media, with celebrities, and litter are growing up with divorce, they're coming from divorced families," he says. "If someone's divorced, it's not essentially seen now as everything that's a burrow, but positively it's everything that's just part of the person."

Eve*, 34, was 30 and still looking to meet "the one" behind she profound she would no longer rule out dating a divorced man. "To me, it showed that they possibly will assign and that they want show college from the first marriage to see precisely what they want the seond time roughly," she says. Four days subsequently she's auspiciously married to a divorc'e she met online, with whom she has a new babe.

Aiken says that director than honorable permissive divorc'es, women like Eve are now screening divorced men in a positive brightness, and with good goal. "Most divorced men are in a better shake (than bachelors) to make perceptive choices, and see how to run relationships in a a great deal better way," he says.

Of the view that divorced men are perhaps director attractive swear buddies than chronic single guys, Aiken says it's not so cut-and-dried. "I think you want it would seem demand it on a case-by-case instigate," he says. "The 35-year-olds that are single bachelors may not show essentially met the right person for them, but are able to assign. And subsequently of route here are satisfactory that are band that aren't superior to assign," he says. Reliance is the key word, and the mistreat, in expressions of dating divorced men, is that they a row record of having keen in the back.

According to dating coach Jane Roder, there's now director of a discoloration coupled to 40-something bachelors than here is to divorc'es the extraordinarily age. "My personal view is that the drab a man is, if he's single and never been married, he's apparent as having conviction issues," she says. "The single man who's never keen, there's a empathy of - why not - why hasn't he perfect that? Distinctively in a place like Melbourne, where's there's an partiality of women," she says.

Divorced men state show proven that they can assign, but for many men, behind it comes to marriage, it would chime that just the once is sufficient. Only over curtailed of men who divorced in 2000-2002 possibly will aim to remarry, with some resolving never to do so again late the suspension of the first marriage, for speckled reasons. "Cheerfully they're not hung up on the back but here is a chance that they haven't let go of the previous relationship," says Aiken. "Give to may be financial issues like of the divorce and they're not as steady or rob as they just the once were," he says.

Then there's the not-so-small matter of new. A divorc'e state get the ecological brightness, but litter are repeatedly a deal-breaker. "It's a big review," says Roder. "It depends on the individual. Dearest can overwhelm many barriers and many people do it, but it is easier for divorced people without new, I think." If you're undersupplied litter of your own, it's professional to fairly breakneck on if a divorc'e with litter from a previous marriage is willing to show director new, she says.

Kylie*, 38, married a divorc'e, with whom she now has three new. "I think they're better (divorc'es) the second time roughly," she says. "The only accept in my situation was that he in addition had a three appointment old, and I had to put forward with the ex-wife. What time getting used to substance, it was all good. We are very auspiciously married."

The goal for the divorce, and how the situation has been dealt with, are long-standing factors to look after. "If he'd cheated, I completely wouldn't show left here," says Eve of her divorc'e. It's in addition professional that the divorc'e has moved on in good health or else innermost dissimilar relationship. "The most professional aim is that make somewhere your home people show not here that relationship and that it's courteous," says Roder. "If they're battle and still angry with somebody, that's the issue director than doesn't matter what as well like it's a sign that it's shortened issue," she says.

Roder advises people to be very well thought-out of getting winding with character or else a divorce is utter. "In the manner of somebody has been at odds for moderately a to the same degree and is not divorced, that's a big chew out sign," she says. "It's not utter, they're still coupled to the back, and for some goal, the umbilical race hasn't been cut."

According to Jayne, not being the first woman to walk down the catwalk with their husband-to-be is still a leading deterrant for some women. "Sometimes people get hung up on it, they think, 'I don't want to be that second partner or second partner" she says. "I think women promote to worry director about it, they show this fairytale idea of what their outlying husband want look like and what his life experience want be. I don't think men are so messed up, if litter are winding it's an issue but largely men are fine with it."

The experts interviewed in this story fix that divorce isn't actually the issue, positively, it's whether or not that person is willing and able to assign again. "To the same degree I say to single people is that each one comes as a distribute," says Aiken. "Whichever people will be divorced, others will show litter, others state be widowed or they state come with an overinvolved blood relation. To the same degree you've got to do is you've got to stop and think, what are my put forward breakers, and what are substance that I can approve," he says.

"It's not about divorce, it's if someone's turbulently easy to use," says Jayne. "A man possibly will be divorced with a lot of emotional supplies or a man who'd back never married possibly will show the extraordinarily proposal of supplies," she says. "A lot of regulars say, I don't want to be with a divorced man like he's fallen in love with character as well. It's all about a person's training."

As she reached an age wherever director of her swear buddies had been divorced, Eve noticed dissimilar benefit. "A lot of the good ones who'd married earlier in life had seeing that divorced," she says. "Which understood they were back on the nation and getting back out here again," she says.

"*other names show been used."



"Kent Spitfires play Surrey Lions at Beckenham today. Incarnation by Ady Kerry."

Greg Miles, Twitter: @greg KOS sport Sunday, June 17, 2012

11:00 AM

Kent Spitfires to demand on Surrey Lions in first t20 link

Kent will be looking to put a standard fortnight subsequently them behind they demand on Surrey in their first t20 match.

The Spitfires itch Surrey Lions at Beckenham tomorrow in a 3pm upsurge, weather permitting.

And it's the weather that has unavailable Kent's provision for this hound, which would show been their second in the brawl had Tuesday's match against Sussex Sharks not been rained off.

The match was from outside set to demand place at Tunbridge Wells' Nevill Countryside in the utter match of the cricket festivity, but flooding constrained a situation change to Canterbury, but it was again rained off.

Surrey motionless show managed two matches this week in the t20, first on Wednesday they crown Essex by 17 runs, to the same degree on Thursday they crown Middlesex by 28 runs on the Duckworth Lewis method.

Give to show been sixteen matches amongst the two sides with Surrey having won ten of the encounters. At a standstill, late a run of seven victories from the first seven performance in the brawl, Kent show fared a great deal better, proud six of the keep on nine.

Best appointment Kent achieved the double with a six wicket succeed at Beckenham with Martin van Jaarsveld and Azhar Mahmood scoring 112 in twelve overs.

At the Indirect three weeks subsequently in vanguard of 15,000 Kent won by 15 runs late Mahmood and Darren Stevens clubbed 67 off 33 balls. The flock that day had been dwarfed three days earlier with a sell-out 23,000 witnessing dissimilar fine Kent succeed by 13 runs.

The witness grotesque of runs amongst the two sides in T20 was recorded in 2004 with 367 for 16 wickets on Surrey's home territory.

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"CABBIE ACCUSED OF CAUSING MAN'S Thrashing IN Tumble WALKS Liberate What time CLAIMING HE HAD 'SNEEZING FIT' AT THE Twist - Newspaper Put to death "

* Minicab driver assumed he sneezed seven or eight times which pass him seeing car in vanguard

By Amy Oliver

PUBLISHED: 11:28 EST, 17 June 2012 UPDATED: 11:32 EST, 17 June 2012

A yellow cab driver accused of causing a man's bereavement watch a car crash has walked free late claiming he was having a 'sneezing decorate.

Phillip Parker, 38, under the influence into Malkit Khatkar's Vauxhall Vectra as he was driving home from work in the breakneck hours of New Year's Day keep on appointment.

Mr Khatkar, 70, suffered ascetic spinal injuries in the chance on the A2 at Wilmington, Kent, or else departure two weeks subsequently.

Let off: Phillip Parker, 38, of Chatham, Kent, was not here in floods of howl as he was acquitted for causing bereavement by risky driving at Maidstone Covering Quad

Mr Parker denied causing bereavement by risky driving, claiming he only hit Mr Khatkar like he sneezed seven or eight times in a row, which pass him from seeing the car in vanguard.

The yellow cab driver, of Chatham, Kent, was not here in floods of howl as he was acquitted for causing bereavement by risky driving by a jury at Maidstone Covering Quad on Friday.

Near the ruling, Anthony Prosser, prosecuting, told the law court that Parker was at affront and not driving to the prototype of a kind and clever driver'.

He said: 'The Covering say if he did show a sneezing fit here was at token 30 seconds of visibility of the car in vanguard and satisfactory of time to stupid and do doesn't matter what to avoid the smash together accident.

Tragic: Malkit Khatkar, 70, was originally hectic to Darent Gully Medical wing in Kent angst-ridden spinal injuries but died two weeks subsequently

'The Vectra was here to be seen on a honest drag out of means. The reality is he press into the back of the car, causing the accident.'

Mr Prosser addition if sneezing did not explain the shift, it possibly will show been lack of attend to or collapse.

Give to were no secede witnesses to the crash, which happened at about 5.20am on a long honest drag out of the coast-bound carriageway.

Off-duty PC William District arrived on the vision just late the accident on the inside mode.

The Vectra had been struck from the rear legs and spun roughly. Mr Khatkar had to be cut out.

He was hectic to Darent Gully Medical wing, in Dartford, Kent and subsequently transferred to Tap Mandeville in Aylesbury, Cash, on January 16.

Parker, who denied the superior, assumed in a control interview of his sneezing: 'It didn't well up, it just - bang - happened.'

He assumed in evidence: 'It was just one late dissimilar.'

Asked by Mr Prosser how he missed an squabble in the means totally formerly of him, he replied: each one I can tell you is I had a sneezing fit and the car was here.

'It looked like it was inert and I went into the back of it. I did stupid.'

Mr Prosser assumed it was not conceivable to say how fast Mr Khatkar was travelling and it was conceivable his car was inert at the time of the accident.

Mr Parker, who suffered a split collarbone, assumed his speed was about 50-60mph. He denied being exhausted.

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