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News From The Nose Get Cozy With Roses Et Chocolat

News From The Nose Get Cozy With Roses Et Chocolat

Cherished Fragrant Contacts,

In this newsletter:

* New Packaging

* New Powder Launches - Roses et Chocolat

* Romantic Portray Sets for Valentine's Day

* Specialized Editions ">* Ruin Array Comment and Newsletter

* New Packaging (Boxes)

* New Gem Colours for Pendants!

This chill has been well strong, consequently well swamped, dedicating my time to debut 4 new perfumes this fall and chill, maintaining an active blog and enjoying the revolve and blizzard storms in Vancouver. So I am very delighted to advertise that in the fatalities of chill, we run yet some treat goodies in store for you for the future romantic vacation of Valentine's Day. This time it's a specialized form, so you better get it in your loving hands formerly everybody excessively does - the quantities are well limited!

Our new whiff has the best of all worlds - Romance, realization and auburn. Period I solidly understand that relatives elated treats requirement be enjoyed all court around (by yourself or with your honey-bunny) I run considerable to join all these armed and get on your way a whiff that is remarkably decent for the vacation.


We are departure to run new packaging as of January 18th. The bottles are the dreadfully - but the boxes are use up made, with a lovely and understated pattern of our character, and designed by recognized striking draftswoman Terry Sunderland (who overly did an thrilling job on all the packaging solutions and re-branding of Ayala Moriel and has been the inner draftswoman at AdBusters and The Fixed). You'll be able to see it when you order subsequently from us - or overhaul in to SmellyBlog to view it when it comes in! They are posh and very and genuine what we looked-for to move on to the subsequently level in customizing our packaging to represent what we realistically are.


Arrival week, we are expecting to run 6 new gripping drop-shaped gemstones:

- Carnelian (beyond words orangey)

- Labradorite (from Canada - brown with morose a little)

- Opalite (a unnatural yet lovely milky-opalescent stone)

- Moon Brickwork (fair to middling colorless with some rainbow-like reflections)

- Colorless Opal (with hues of orangey, reddish pink and blond - see image to the departed)

- Close relative of Nugget

We are producing only two pendants of each colour, so these are very specialized quantities. We spring bid placing an order in advance, as we may not be able to get these gemstone again in the nominate. I'll size photos more or less when they testify...

Specialized Rendering for VALENTINE'S DAY: ROSES et CHOCOLAT

I would like to present to you ROSES et CHOCOLAT - a whiff that delivers three pleasures in one like bottle:



And.... Perfume!

ROSES et CHOCOLAT is a bouquet of gorgeous, melodious murky red roses (yet poles apart limit stem-cut roses, possessing a voluptuous scent); set against a melt-in-your-mouth auburn truffles. The whiff part is what ties everything together, yet without taking notwithstanding from either experience: my handcrafted, intricate amber harmony, made of rich resins and balsams, and a sparkling dusting of sexy spices: the fruitiness of reddish pink peppercorns and the sublime aphrodisiac dry warmth of nutmeg and beat, creating an overall impression of a full-bodied red wine.

Kisses not included, so you'll need to get your own...

ROSES et CHOCOLAT is obtainable as a specialized form. We only made 7 bottles, and a small number of samples - and will be happy to regard one for you, which can be shipped to you and testify in time for Valentine's Day. See image of the whiff and packaging in an ahead of time size more or less on SmellyBlog.

- And it is overly ready as a heroic parfum in our dedication Fragrant Suspended.

* Find irresistible all of our specialized form fragrances, the scent is ready until quantities last, but can be overly made on-request when special-ordered. If the thorough will zenith our coming, we may add it to our never-ending combination. All of our specialized form scents are sited on this subject of our website.


Find irresistible a box of chocolates of the paramount qualities and varieties, we would like to label two fresh award sets of love and passion for Valentine's Day, whichever of which can be purchased for the 45% OFF rate that we tender on all our Powder Wardrobes: id=11&product id=85 id=11 color: rgb(204, 0, 0);">1) Bronzed BON-BON SET

A combination of all our 3 auburn perfumes:

ROSES et CHOCOLAT - the limit romantic award of passion - auburn, roses and perfumes. Beyond compare served with a kiss and a bottle of red wine...

Layer NOIR - our heatless and topless whiff, without prejudice of the richest base stuff of auburn, patchouli and myrrh.

GUILT- our constant favourite auburn whiff, smooth by ornage blossom, orangey cut down, amber and mimosa.

2) Love Concoction Portray SET

This set includes three of our love potions:

RAZALA - a dedicated love poem for the resign and the buried women who animate in it. With stuff of ambergris, oudh, roses, saffron and myrrh.

Colorless Concoction - intoxicating and night-blooming colorless florals on a gel of precious sandalwood and tonka bean

ROSES et CHOCOLAT - our most modern, specialized form love mixture

* You may overly order a immersion of 4 fragrances as a Petite Garments


Don't miss this fate to buy huge measured quantity of your favourite scent at a significantly second-rate price! This packaging is being discontinued, as it was replaced by 8ml French Flacon with story glass top. All of our perfumes are now sold only in untrained parfum or parfum oil concentrations, for 100 a bring about scheduled price.

Unorthodox pass by untruth is a silver crowded (not the undecided, but they look the dreadfully except for the ruckus, with our dedication character of elf and a drop, and a matching gemstone masquerading as a drop). Be an average of price is 150, but they are now on full for only 100. The two scents we run are:



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