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What To Do During Dates

What To Do During Dates
I have already discussed how to get a girl into a date. If you have not read it CLICK MESo now let us further discuss dating.First of all I hate dating. By dating I mean, Asking her to go out with you. After that you "plan" on the things that you can do. Like taking her to a "romantic isolated place". There you "wine and dine". You give her flowers to express your "love". Oh Cmon brother!Now! Let's talk about something Better!At a recent post, I suggested that your purpose for you and the girl to meet up again, is an activity. I recommend this because.1. It is Non Needy (Being needy is a turn off)2. It happened spontaenously, she won't feel obligated (Remember: A person, even a guy, does not want to feel obligated)3. It is a valid reason (she has a valid reason to tell her friends that you just went out for something)4. It will not make her think of thisHer: He is inviting me out? But he's not even my type. Oh, gosh not again. Why do I always meet creepy guys. Why do they always want something from me.Other than an Activity, you could also meet up to return some stuffs. Like you borrowed her umbrella and now you'll "just" return it. HeheSo after that what do you do after? Always have the end in mind.There is always a room for relationships. After some juice exchange. :)Look for a comfortable place where you could cuddle. An area in a restaurant could be or. You could invite her to your place vice versa.So how would you do that? Find some commonalities. If you just went out to the groceries, Ask her to cook with you. If you like movies and you have a DVD collection, stop by you place and watch movies! LOLAlways remember that the moment she went out with you, is the moment that she is permitting you to advance.That's it for now. If you have questions you could leave a comment.



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