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Royal Fashion Awards Garter Day 2011

Royal Fashion Awards Garter Day 2011
You guys, I love Garter Day. Celebrating the oldest order of daring in the world? How considerably better-quality royal can you get? Greatest of the gentlemen and best ladies turn up in their Hogwarts paramount (yes, I did make a Badger Potter commendation hem in appointment, and I will make one every appointment that we do this thang), but we do get a few ladies that turn up in their English-hatted best for our appreciation too. So let's get to unyielding and arise some awards out on the table.

Rectify Vote for REPEATThe Duchess of Cambridge"I saw two opinions on this Katherine Hooker fleece and Rachel Trevor-Morgan hat today: OMGAMAZINGOMGSOPRETTY, or...why is she dressing like a 60-year-old?" I might enervate with you either way, thoroughly. This is very identical to what the Countess of Wessex has been at home presently, and the Countess is 46 years old. It's very identical to the ancestry that Camilla wore today, and Camilla is 63 years old. But there's a cause why this style crosses generations: it's universally fetching. It's like the International Princess Recurring. And you "realize" we'll be seeing this for as innumerable years to come as Kate's figure/tailor will give the title of.

Rectify IN BENJAMIN BUTTONThe Countess of Wessex"Spoken language of the 46-year-old Countess...damn". Sophie looks younger than she did for instance she married Edward, no? Loyal her with her down up. Thus, I hereby stick a second Benjamin Flog title (the first belongs to devotion Marie-Chantal, of plan) on our Sophie. Very well played, Countess.

Rectify IN FROOFThe Duchess of CornwallThis lady has a augment ability to plea off a wackadoodle hat. Meticulously, I love it for instance she whips that expertise out and lets it angry look, and this rushed Cousin It chapeau is just the idiosyncrasy. Add in a new fleece, fetching as can be, and I'm sold.

Rectify IN BLINGQueen Elizabeth"This is one of the times for instance she brings out the elevated daytime bling - every appointment, the Queen's costume jewelry are dangerous". Now, these are some low and lozenge earrings: Kate, sack note. (Yet numerous cause why I love Garter Day: excuses for diamonds in the daylight are always welcome!)

Rectify KNIGHTPrincess Alexandra"Garter Knights, vanished to right: the Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Alexandra of Kent, the Duke of Gloucester, the Duke of York, the Princess Regal, the Duke of Kent, the Prince of Wales, the Earl of Wessex, the Duke of Cambridge"I basis Princess Alexandra, plain and simple. There's no one better-quality set alight, abnormally in velvet and put aside. As I threw out on Tremble prior to today, we need to get a appeal started for Alexandra to sack Kate under her wing and teach her the Princess way. Who's with me?

Rectify ENTHUSIASMLady Louise WindsorAnd you thought smiley Kate and her flushed husband were the split ends of the cute tree. Wonderful idiosyncrasy Louise, remark from the side with her instructor chums, is near to show you what's up. Director Louise, please!

Rectify THEMELady Sarah ChattoYou realize how I don't like neutrals. You realize how I don't like it for instance people fashion the actual idiosyncrasy over and over again. Very well, I'm gap all my rules. Here's Aristocrat Sarah (attending for example one of her sons was pageboy for the Emperor this appointment), looking a call lot like she did yesterday, and a call lot like she did at the wedding ceremony, and I don't care. This lady is on a one-woman struggle to equip back 1950s glam, and I am unhurried her all the way. You go, Aristocrat Sarah! Validate 'em how it's done!

Eventual IN MYSTERIOUSThe Duchess of GloucesterHere's Birgitte, only seen for example she's now pending to Anne. You can extremely see her reverse surrounded by Kate and the work on the right in the first opinion in this letters. Presently patent for example with again she's not windswept anything of note. How sad! She's so categorically lovely (and a total messenger for numerous Benjamin Flog award, I'm telling you). I'm not saying she penury cringe borrowing from the millinery skeleton in the cupboard of Princess Beatrice, but we might do a forlorn better than navy/black, right?

"Who topped your best-dressed list at the Garter Ceremony?"

"Photos: Getty Images/Daylife/Reuters/Isopix/Newspix/Belga"


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