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Flying Men Reality

Flying Men Reality
In the air men, reality!

No, it's not a typo, has beforehand accumulated realistically a few newscast from witnesses who saw people in the air. Such a certificate old-fashioned in 30-60 living of the ultimate century, represent are senior extra stories.

In the past, all the "in the air men" probing in America. In the archives of the Coupled States Air Compel on UFOs, represent is a message to William S. Animal protein from Nebraska. February 22, 1922 at 5 o'clock in the crack of dawn Animal protein hunted precise Hyubella. Summarily, from where in paradise poslyshalsya strange well-spoken of high tinge.

William looked up and saw a big mistiness intellectual in the air over your lather. Subsequently an spectacular in the air "party" landed like a even, and went, separation traces in the intense blizzard. It was no less than eight feet tall. Organism passed by a tree, downhill which hid Animal protein, and fled. William tried to wedge up with the stranger, walking successive, but was never able to nastignut it.

Put on are individual metaphors of the especially wonderful meetings from the especially records, occurred precise the small town of Socket Pleasant.

Departed in the sundown of November 15, 1966 at 23.30, two young couples from the U.S. town of Socket Pleasant Skarberi and Malett bunch in a car unrelated the city to their friends. New people are friendless. Purposelessly pokruzhiv, they bunch to the old grate. In the same way as they passed the gates to open, one of the women instantly opened his oral cavity from amazement. All looked into the dark and... saw two bright red circles.

They were about two inches in diameter and were sited in six inches of each further. Summarily the lights separated from the building, athletic to the car, and saw... eyes enormous party.

In its develop like a human party, but it was greatly heavy. The growth of his six and a partial - seven feet. And it... had large wings folded over their backs!

Reds great as headlights, his eyes seemed to like to sit in the car hypnotic effect, and all the passengers inside a slight sat immobile, not removing them from sight. Subsequently troop shouted: "Get out of there." The car jumped on the route. On a small foothill, young people like seen inexperienced, the especially sagacity.

In the same way as elate the distributor poravnyalas with him, he full of zip the wings, "like a in the air mouse", and the foam vertically upwards. Object "spray" a hundred miles per hour, but the "bird" shy on it, and never waved his wings.

17 November 1966, on Road 7 N was riding 17-year-old boy from the town of Socket Pleasant. Summarily "big bird" appeared introduction to his car and chased it for miles. November 25 at 7.15 am a young merchant of shoes Uri Thomas was overcast the car and... saw the topmost anthropoid add up to, standing in a field precise the highway. Summarily, she opened a pair of wings and flew honorable up, like a helicopter. Guy nessya car at speeds of 75 miles per hour, but the "in the air man" did not delay.

Tell the especially time, like in the air party was precise the town of New Recoil in West Virginia.

Sunday crack of dawn 18-year-old Connie was recurring from a cathedral in a car. In the same way as she passed precise the unruly luzhaek local golf club, side view senior pasty white add up to of not less than seven feet tall. But the growth has attracted the attention of Connie, and his eyes: large, knee, considerably red trade fair. Summarily, downhill the backs of the data made known a pair of wings, and she knowingly and covertly climbed honorable up, like a helicopter. Taking part in the drove was not flitter.

It took individual decades, and the "in the air man" again, but this time in England. November 16, 1963 four guys from the Region of Kent returned home from a dance on a self-possessed built-up highway precise Sendling Cope with. Summarily, for the vegetation laterally the highway poslyshalsya banging brushwood and a enormous black add up to flew out of the brushwood outspokenly to them. It was the size of a man with wings like bats.

It is like party seen in Russia, in Yaroslavl region. Learner Igor Kuleshov was sent to the rural community of Highland Pereslavl freedom for undeveloped work. One September sundown in 1979 he was culminate with the girl went to shuffle in the field.

Sun beforehand is set underneath the horizon, and sundown came old-fashioned. Summarily, a pupil saw that the side which has just passed the sun, at an at the same height of 25 meters - 30 from the dirt knowingly flew a mistiness intellectual. In the same way as he approached, it was able to connect with a man who knowingly in the air drink the air. And he was modest in reckon, which resembles a medieval knight's remains. His lather was distorted a container.

The body of a in the air man circumscribed barely visible resemblance color... Summarily, a in the air man throatily another stream and went outspokenly to young people. In the air over the heads of young people was full of activity aback, he raspryamil not here arm and manner of speaking him in the air quickly another to the tree-plant, for which he, drink a painstaking and no more. In the same way as the "Knight" was on the pupil and the girl, they heard the well-spoken that resembles the leaves of vegetation rustling in the circle.

Looking back on this terrible meeting, Igor designed that for example in the air people close to him, the body numb to it. He may perhaps not frequent move. This critique lasted for 5 minutes - 7. A little at a time, the young man began to feel again, that can move, but the depression continued to converge a few senior animation. Behind schedule a couple of animation once upon a time contact with the "in the air man" from Igor suffered a halfway point disparagement and he was sent home.

Before the path in the Yaroslavl region, Igor was just ready. But once upon a time meeting with the "In the air Knight" a doctor, examined the young man and resentfully thought-out in the health resort made cardiogram, the forbearing designed that with such a halfway point for the fruit farm work he may perhaps not go.

22-year-old pupil of Manuel B. Parma saw "a in the air humanoid" 16 December 1991. According to her, it was being "dark-green spot in the folds and the type of laze. On the facade of two enormous eyes, red, knee and sporadic. Give is motivated horizontally, knowingly, like an astronaut in nil soberness, and turns his lather, as the device. At the especially time he blinks his eyes. Give is then hung in the air immobile, then move from their sitting room, the raised and lowered.

On the especially facade rather than the various witnesses in countries in mottled hemispheres? Apart from the fact that in some hand baggage, the "in the air men" were the wings, being others - not, despite the fact that, it appears that they like the especially nose. All of them were enormous red eyes, and they like the ability to hypnotic effect. And, judging by the fact that represent are no athletic its wings, it is easy to wedge up unswervingly mchavshiesya vehicles, it is clear that they motivated in the air for some further object.

American scientists, is senior get-together in the air of the confusion, "in the air men", were two hypotheses on their conceivable origin. The first cheek is as follows. The military used the people of the areas sited close to the secret bases for routine experiments on the human take-off and the effect on them any bring to a close radiation, causing the especially trance.

The second cheek assumes that the crossing polulyudi-poluptitsy make ends meet in reality. But their rest - not the Dig. They intermittently occur in our dimension, and then put down without suggestion in his. In this exploit, it would be interesting to know what caused such a strange cycle in the group of this awesome sight. Perchance, "portals" to further worlds opened with such frequency?HYPNOSIS



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