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Field Report The Thong

Field Report The Thong


Our live approach bootcamp at Be present Ferret around, Giants Stadium, on July 7, 2007 is Promptly SOLD OUT!

We still clasp seats shown for our Uncensored meeting on approaching women and internet dating in Boston on Saturday, July 21, 2007.

For added information, calm down tuned to the blog or contact us at SERVICES@APPROACHDYNAMICS.COM.

I'll features it, donate are just some things I just don't understand about women. Here's one - thongs. Don't get me phony, I love the thong. But why do women clothes them? I've been told "they're comfortable!" I don't beleive it! How can a tutor or cloth blocked in your ass be comfortable?

I clasp exceedingly been told, "I don't want panty lines." If I didn't want panty lines and it was "safe" to do so I'd just fail to spot the underwear to be more precise than clasp that floss up there! Others clasp told me "it feels sexy." I can't understand how it "feels " that way but... methodical nonetheless I don't understand why, entertain don't stop appearing in them!

The assume for my rant is simple. I was at a watering interruption on Long Isle called "Paddy McGees", the same as I noticed a young woman hovering over the framework of dock... at most minuscule I noticed her thong. I walked over and introduced in person.

"Hi, I'm Stephen."

"Hi I'm Jenna."

"Equitable had to tell you that you that you must clothes a better thong."

"What?" (shocked, perturbed)

"The rest of you is great, the thong is the problem."

I explained that it obviously had no personality and she must try one with rhinestones or something. She hence pulled down at the side of her border in order to show me that it was in fact "decked". We talked a few added moments and I asked for her number. DONE!

It exceptionally IS that simple. Equitable find something in the envirornment and use that for your opener. And who knows? If you are original lots, almost certainly you can get a peep (or more!).

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