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Singles And Dating Open Question So Basically Ive Known This Guy For A Year And Half He Always Texts

Singles And Dating Open Question So Basically Ive Known This Guy For A Year And Half He Always Texts
So basically I met this guy from this website where yo make friends. I gave my number to him which I was hesistant to give at first. Then I gave it to him and we use to text and use to call me. I've known this guy for a year and half now. He always texts and tells me to call him. He rarely calls me. But then he use to say because I have more minutes but I have only 300 more. Okay so I don't mind being the one to call. He's always asked to meet up and things have always come up. He's flirty and that might just him doing it for fun or because he's bored. He always texts first and we talk almost everyday. Rare occasions it will be 3/4 days we havent talked. Then say if i didnt reply to his prev message one time he complains like oh you're so rude you didnt reply but there was nothing to reply to. Just things like that make me think he likes me. He use to send fb pictures as well like 'texting a girl eveyerday because you like her that much' and some other photos which use to give hints. I always just use to laugh it off but I did tell my friends and they said if hes talking to u all the time or sending those pics he likes you. I dont believe someone could like me without meeting me. After we talked for like a few months he texted saying I love you so and so and I texted back saying lol are you ok? or something like that. I then rang him later on clarifying this text business and he said he was high but I don't belueve he was. So why did he say it? Maybe he does like me but the thing was it was only a few months, someone hes never met but talked to only via text or call sometimes and he says he likes them.. sounds a bit crazy and so thats the reason I didnt believe he liked me. So more months went on and kept talking I did like talking to him it was just a habit so when we didnt talk it felt weird or missed him not talking to me? I dont know if that meant i like him or because it had become a habit to talk to him. I also made it clear at the beginnin that i ddint like him and he said you will which i never believed. I was always so strong on if i made my mind on something id stick to it in life. but on this matter i dont know if iv become weak and maybe started liking him? He's not my ideal guy in any way so thats why i thought this would remain as friends and i wouldnt like him but now im confused? Like we had a bit of a thing on the phone where he did something i didnt like on fb and then i told him to apologise he just wouldnt hes so stubborn at times and i just put the phone down because he doesnt take me seriously. we then texted and the message he last send was goodnight im off to sleep. I think now that he might not talk to me because of that? why do i care though because its not like i like him?! ugh its frustrating but also iv realised i get attatched to people too quickly. this exact epidode happed the same way but with another guy and i felt exactly the same way. iv still not met that guy but he does text here and there and i know for sure i didnt like the 1st guy. its because it had been a while and he stopped texting everyday so im thinking with this guy its the same like maybe i dont like him i just have a habit of talkign to him so i miss when he doesnt talk im confused about my own feelings can someone help mee :(



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