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The Big Mo With The Nun

The Big Mo With The Nun
Sister Teresa prays for the medicinal of Sami's spoil "and for the purpose of the close relative." Dr. Baker brings the spoil in and announces she is skillfully. He hands her to Sami to get trapped in. Sami gives the kid a strange look. Dr. Baker asks, "Is contemporary a problem?"

"This is Screamantha Brady," says Sister Teresa, "Acquaint with is perfectly" a problem."

Maggie and Chloe contain a staredown in the corridor. Maggie sneers, "You'd better re-button your top."

Bo and Hope carry on at a table in the pub. They quarrel about the profile. Hope wonders why Bo wants her to hinder not on from Kayla. "We can't identify contemporary one of your shopping trips together," says Bo, "Our recognition cards are maxed out." Suddenly, Bo hallucinates. He tells her to see Kayla contemporary time.

Kayla tends to Sleazo, "I guarantee I've seen your frontage before." Sleazo attacks.

Rafe struggles. He flashes back to the combat and Sleazo's running away, "Sami... Sami..."

Nicole tells Give up Junior-Junior she is not Sami's spoil, "It's like Sami never existed. It's just you, me and Daddy. "Assuming Daddy is dumb sufficient to buy it."

Sami asks, "That's my baby? "It can't be. It's not howling like a scalded banshee."

Sister Teresa assures her the kid is hers. Sami is concerned that the kid didn't cry and consequently Baker whisked her not on. Baker tells her sometimes it's squalid for a spoil not to cry. "Sami's organizer is not right of acquisitive the fact that being may well not cry, but she accepts it, I bend I'm not face-to-face at the headland," says Sami, "equally I'm not upset." She takes the spoil and remedies that, "Blub... blub... blub... My sort brood girl."

"My sort brood girl," says Nicole. She sets her in her cradle and decides to call EJ and arrange a transfer at home. EJ comes in as the phone up jewels. He picks up at the stay on the line airless. Nicole is middle out of action the transfer but shuts up gone EJ says see you later. Nicole scowls.

Daniel rushes in to find Sleazo biting Kayla. "Dr. Be astonished" grabs Kayla, "only takes time to cop a abrupt feel" and consequently restrains Sleazo.

Maggie wants to talk. "Chloe wants to get on a dull to Timbuktu." She hems, haws and makes excuses. "Don't manipulate me by deceit," scolds Maggie, "It's a brood farther than vigorous don't you think?" Maggie blows out of action a disagree of accusations, "I saw you and Daniel kissing."

Chloe whines, "Maggie... if you'd give me a destiny to explain."

Maggie says, "You in fact can't." She runs off to tell the world.

Rafe performs additional outfit on himself, uses his hit as a tourniquet and goes for a go off ona tangent.

Depressive Sami has left us for a because as frenzied Sami gushes over Mia Lesser. She decides she needs a name. Suddenly depressive Sami proceeds and decides she isn't safe, "This isn't over! This isn't over by a long shot!"

EJ pounds the phone up and asks Nicole if she is contemporary. Nicole hangs up, "He was said to be in Italy. Why is meager amount ever easy? Think! Equally am I goodbye to do?" Suddenly, "Lucy" comes up with a scheme. Baker comes in and Nicole tells him she has to hinder at the hospital, "You need to get rid of Sami."

"Who," asks Baker.

Nicole is annoyed, "Sami! You ascertain... the big mo' with the nun. Specifically tell her to go home. And I need a room."

Bo says, "I've been thinking..."

"I wondered anywhere all the fumes was coming from," says Hope." Bo says he thinks he and Hope be required to do whatever thing together, "with their hold on." He tells Hope he's jealous for example she's been ignoring him honorable. Hope makes bullying and asks what it's all about.

"I miss you," says Bo, "Asphyxiate."

The orderlies work to suppress Sleazo because Daniel brings a calming. Sleazo settles and Daniel orders manacles. He turns to Kayla, "Equally happened?"

Kayla babbles.

"Capably," says Daniel, "At all happened, whatever thing decisive kicked him into command." Suddenly, Sleazo gasps and goes catatonic.

"Attitude BLUE! "

Kayla panics, "Quick! A big name call a doctor!"

Kayla watches because Dr. "Feel-grab-and-perform-miracles-in-one-fell-swoop" takes over.







"Is the long-suffering responding," asks Daniel.

"No," says a behave toward, "But he's charged up sufficient to bequeath additional power to the hospital's east wing."

Sami blithers and tells Sister Teresa they can't hinder contemporary, "Equally about the spoil," asks Sister Teresa.

"Tiny - schmabee," says Sami, "We contain to get out of modish."

Nicole tells Baker EJ is home and outfit contain to go like clockwork, "Get Sami out of modish, call EJ and tell him you're delivering!"

"Shouldn't we tell him you're the one who's delivering?"

Nicole nukes, "Impart that fair bitch to hit the marks or do I contain to take back you what will fall to you if this doesn't work?"

Baker rushes into Sami's room, which is useless.

Chloe chases Maggie down and begs for a destiny to explain. Maggie is revolted. "She's facing seen an advance screening of this point." Chloe assures her she and Daniel didn't bargain this, it just happened. Maggie tells her meager amount meaning happens' and she will contain to come up with the outlay.

EJ calls and screams at being to way the call he just got, "THIS Can BE A Gratify OF Vim and vigor AND DEATH!"

"I zee. Ve succhest choo reinstall vindows," says the malicious plan in the New Delhi call center as he reads from his troubleshooting script."

Nicole stops short of explaining why well-off Sami had to arrange. She tells Dr. Baker to get busy and call EJ. She dials and hands him her phone up. Baker tells EJ Nicole is in design and he needs to get to the hospital.

EJ protests the fact that Nicole isn't at a health resort but says he's on his way, "Impart her I love her."

Dr. Baker hands Nicole the phone up and rolls his eyes, "He loves you."







We get signs of life from Sleazo. Daniel taking into account again has raised the inert and hands outfit over to the peons to do the mop-up work. He wonders why Sleazo was strangling Kayla. "Possibly it was whatever thing I believed," says Kayla, "He's nuts. Acquaint with is whatever thing about him... I'll be right back."

Outdoor, Kayla calls Steve and leaves a transfer. She wants him to call her about the plan he showed her. After that she calls Hope and asks for Bo. Bo isn't contemporary so she asks Hope to come to the health resort. Hope bumps into Maggie and Chloe on the way out.

Chloe begs Maggie to keep heavenly, "which is about the dreadfully line of reasoning as pleading a hungry dog not to eat." Chloe promises this will never fall again. Subsequently the amazing timing you only find on DOOL, Lucas comes up to them, "Hey, why so serious?"

Maggie looks up, "Hey, why so clueless?"

Rafe searches the convent and asks Sister Mary Whoozits anywhere Sami and Sister Teresa are. Sister MW tells him they left.

Dr. Baker tells Nicole he wouldn't count on his staff conservation their mouths slam.

Maggie puts on a happy frontage and tells Lucas to sit down. Chloe says they're talking about Kate, "She isn't out of the woods, which, by the way, is the only place Daniel and I haven't concluded the distasteful." Maggie asks Lucas for a ginger ale.

"Loserclueless" turns to Chloe, "And would you like whatever thing, dear?"

"A triple martini." Lucas leaves and Maggie and Chloe wits.

Hope arrives and Kayla tells her about Sleazo coming in and biting her. She says she thinks he looks like the plan of the mayor's marauder.

Sleazo struggles.

Sister Mary Whoozits runs to get the note Sister Teresa left for Rafe. Sami and Sister Teresa come in and we contain the happy engagement, as well as a spoil headland.

Nicole and Baker wits. Baker says he has sensitivity of whatever thing that may well make EJ see this in a new brainy, whatever thing beyond her supremacy. Nicole bites, "OK, so what didn't I think of?" Baker tells her sometimes the resemblance together with a close relative and adolescent stuns him and this spoil looks like her real close relative, "I'd long for your attempt holds up." He leaves.

Rafe says he sensitivity he would never see Sami again, "But I bend I wasn't that fortunate." Sami decorate him for embezzle care of her. Rafe tries to pry a word in and tells her they are not safe. He struggles.

Sami gasps, "You're as old as a sheet." Rafe goes down.

Chloe and Maggie shield to wits. Correctly, Maggie argues and Chloe begs. Lucas comes back with the drinks. He says he talked to Kate who demanded they set a date for the nuptials. "We can stop by and talk to Kate about that tomorrow," says Chloe, "If I keep going."

Lucas gets a call and leaves. Chloe says "what no human being has ever been able to say before, Maggie, thank you for conservation your lips slam."

Maggie snorts, "Equally are you goodbye to do about Daniel?"

Daniel gets a leaf and leaves. Suddenly, Sleazo rushes out of his room and grabs Kayla, "Someone gets in my way I'll break her neck!"

Chloe says she will make Daniel frontage reality and will keep her hands off him. Maggie says she will be scrutiny and if Chloe strays she will go to Lucas. Maggie leaves.

Outdoor the pub, Bo gets a transfer from Hope.

Hope points her gun at Sleazo, "Salem PD!"

"Bearing in mind he stops pleased," Sleazo says, "You young branch and she dies!"

Sami and Sister Teresa behave toward Rafe. Sister Teresa goes for Mary Margaret. Sami begs Rafe to money up.

EJ rushes into the hospital and barges into Nicole's room. Nicole sits in bed holding Give up Junior-Junior. She gives a wobbly smirk, "EJ... you last of all made it."

Daddy smiles, "Hey..."

"Don't worry," says Nicole, "I've facing lined a sitter up for tonight."

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